Science and Technology : NEWS REPORT~ Mysterious Earthquakes Rock Arkansas, But What Happened...

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
NEWS REPORT~ Mysterious Earthquakes Rock Arkansas, But What Happened…
…In The Year of the War of 1812!?

A Catastrophic Earthquake, 8.1 on the Richter Scale --in Arkansas!?

I was up early this morning and thought for sure that I felt an earthquake, continuous rumblings, off and on for about an hour, here in North Carolina. And I just recently felt another rumbling at noontime. Hmh. So, I decided to check the internet to see if there might be something in the news. No. But interestingly, I saw that there have been major reports about mysterious earthquakes that had been happening in the state of Arkansas since September of 2010. More importantly, for the month of February there were about sixty earthquakes in this one month in Arkansas, and this phenomena has alarmed scientist worldwide. I did some more research and found that there was a major planetary alignment that occurred on February 17 [16-17], 2011 that involved, the sun and the planets Mercury, Mars and Earth initially, and scientist used this information and more to predict a major possible earthquake to occur … of which it did. I believe that these mysterious earthquakes in Arkansas and other phenomena around the globe that have recently occurred might even shed some light on other issues happening in this world, even on how our government and others might have to respond as a result of these events that might have a bearing on the welfare of mankind.

There was the major earthquake that happened in New Zealand on February 22, 2011, in the area of Christ Church. And if the name of the area doesn’t seem odd for one reason or another, well then maybe at least Christians might raise an eyebrow after hearing about more predictions [prophecies] to come in relation to this occurrence. At any rate, the New Zealand earthquake caused widespread damage, and as anyone who has been familiar with my research may know, especially in relation to science and the Bible, I believe that planetary alignments [eclipses and etc.] have a direct relation on our earth experiencing earthquakes and other phenomena. I just recently shared some information about this very subject that involves the story of Queen Esther and how the Month of February was an important time of alignment and celebrations in the earliest of times and also became a time of realignment and a special time of celebrations for the Hebrew-Jews in the Persian empire. Furthermore, I found a science cite that confirms this based upon what has just happened in the month of February and beyond.

Scientist set up a ‘Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch Night’ on February 17, 2011. Then there was another Watch night for another alignment days later on February 22, 2011, and this was the day of the earthquake in New Zealand that was so strong it split a glacier and sparked a tsunami (tidal wave). Shortly thereafter there was another Planetary Alignment Watch Night on February 28, 2011, and then on March 3, 2011, there was yet another Watch Night that reported an alignment that involved the planet Neptune, Venus and Saturn. After this alignment, there was another significant earthquake that just happened in Arkansas on the next day on March 4, 2011. Now, the scientist have predicted that there will also be yet another planetary alignment that they say will be the most major one to happen this whole year because it involves the planet Jupiter, and also the planets Earth, Uranus Saturn and the moon initially, and then Mercury will move in the middle of the sun. But now here is the catch: This alignment will happen on April 16, 2011, and this just happens to be the actual day that Jesus Christ was born! Hmh. However and according to the Bible, he was born under a Total Planetary Alignment that involved all of the planets in orbit at that time including the planet Saturn and also the moon. About thirty three years later too, there was yet another complete alignment of which also included a Total Solar Eclipse. Yep. And today in these modern times, we too have been predicted to have another complete alignment that also includes a solar eclipse and this has been stated to occur in the year 2012.

Due to other studies and other strange phenomena that are suppose to occur in 2012 in addition to this planetary alignment, scientist are now beginning to take this event more seriously than they had before, or at least, they are now admitting more research for us to hear. At any rate, these recent and numerous earthquakes that are occurring in Arkansas are taken very seriously by the government. Oddly enough though, there happens to be something much more unusual about this very event that has not yet been widely admitted. A recent report might give the impression that Sunday night’s earthquake of 4.7 -magnitude was the most powerful earthquake in Arkansas. But then later it might become better understood that it was reported to be the most powerful earthquake in Arkansas in 35 years. Moreso, these earthquakes were still, by far, not the most powerful in the history of the state of Arkansas. This was not be the first time these earthquakes have happened, but starting in the year 1811 and in the year of 1812, there were cataclysmic earthquakes that were so gigantic, the affects of them were felt in other states such as in North Carolina and all the way up north in the New England state of Boston, Massachusetts! Mind Blowing! The first was said to be about 8.1 magnitude that happened on December 16, 1811, the second massive quake happened on Janauary 23, 1812 and was about 7.8 magnitude, and the third happened that next month on February 7, 1812 and was reported to be the worst. It was described to be like a living nightmare in which the earth had huge cracks, the river ran backwards, and the landscape was changed forever. In another report it was said that around 3000 BC [5000 years ago] there was an earlier major earthquake. This would be the time of the early Olmecs.

We are made to generally focus on the state of California when it comes to any major threats of earthquakes in America, not Arkansas. So how did America and its people respond to such an affair. In the past, there were times when major scientific happenings affected the way governments had to respond to its people. Did this event have any bearing on the governments at that time with issues that may have revolved around the Louisiana Purchase? The War of 1812 was declared in June of 1812. Were the decisions of America, Napoleon of the French empire, and the British empire affected by these happenings? Also, could these recent events have any bearing on how our governments make plans for us today? And could the recent major oil spill have any correlation on these happenings as well? And this one is for the Christians: Is Christ coming to take the Church? Anyway, I have provided some links and some amazing blogs that provide some more information.

2 Arkansas Injection Wells May Be Closed Due to Quakes
By Sarah Eddington
March 4, 2011

Sunday night, a 4.7-magnitude earthquake - the most powerful reported
in the state in 35 years - struck near Greenbrier.

Cataclysmic Earthquakes of 1811 & 1812

Volcano / Earthquake Watch Feb 16-17

Volcanic/Earthquake Watch Feb 22, 2011

Hundreds of Earthquakes Swarm Arkansas


In mostly all of my previous research about the initial appearance of the planet Saturn that concern the date, April 16, I stress the distinction in regards to the scientific time versus the time that the Israelites use to date their presence. The arrival of the birth of Jesus is directly based upon the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem and scientifically, it was April 16, at 6:00 P.M., but for the Israelites their day begins at 6:00 P.M. Therefore the date of Jesus would technically be April 17 in regards to their dating system.​

Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch April 16th 2011

Summary: April 16, 2011, planetary alignment, largest most powerful of the year, includes initially, Earth, Uranus, moon, Saturn, and Mercury moves in the path of the Sun…​



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Jun 10, 2008
You from Arkansas - good times -

I just left there a few years back - that's where my mother side of the family is from - Arkansas - well - as you know there are cities and towns out there but its southern Arkansas where they are from such as Ashdown, Texarkana, Gould, Pine Bluff and up north Little Rock Arkansas.

As far as the earthquakes - I was more scared of the Tornado's then any earthquake - I mean I can actually sleep through and earthquake but a tornado hit - I'm moving same day!!!

All in all I hope no one got hurt.

Peace and Blessing


Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
You from Arkansas - good times -

I just left there a few years back - that's where my mother side of the family is from - Arkansas - well - as you know there are cities and towns out there but its southern Arkansas where they are from such as Ashdown, Texarkana, Gould, Pine Bluff and up north Little Rock Arkansas.

As far as the earthquakes - I was more scared of the Tornado's then any earthquake - I mean I can actually sleep through and earthquake but a tornado hit - I'm moving same day!!!

All in all I hope no one got hurt.

Peace and Blessing



I've been to Arkansas when I was younger and have relatives there too, but never knew anything about it being a place where there were earthquakes. Yes, I too can sleep through an earthquake...But not if it's like the one that just happened in Japan! Man!

Like you, I too think about the people that have gotten hurt and hope for the best.

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May 7, 2009

The 11:00 NEWS REPORTER announced yesterday that there was another earthquake, although small, in North Carolina. Last week, the local news also resported that there was an earthquake in Western North Carolina around 2.9 magnitude. The one yesterday occurred along the southern border of North Carolina and northern border of South Carolina and was 3.? magnitude. Now, the news reporter said that people don't feel a small earthquake on this scale. But I'm beginning to wonder about that based upon my experience that caused me to start this thread.

As I first stated, I felt an earthquake were I live this very month of March, and even though nothing was reported here, I stumbled across the news about what happened in Arkansas. In addition, I heard about what happened in Christ Church, New Zealand. Not only that but, way back in 2004 I felt an earthquake in the wee hours of the morning, and hours later I turned the TV on and heard that there was a terrible earthquake and tsunami in and around Indonesia. A couple of years ago, I felt an earthquake and sure enough, the news report said there was one somewhere near Charlotte, NC but far away from where i live in North Carolina. Many years ago when I was in my dorm in Charleston, South Carolina and in the wee hours of the morning as I lay in my bed, I felt and earthquake, and when I told my roommates, they said they had not felt anything. But again, hours later it was announced on the news that there was in fact an earthquake, I believe it was 5.4 magnitude. I later researched and found out that decades ago, there was in fact a huge earthquake that did occur in Charleston, SC. Now the news reporter last week said that they usually don't report small earthquakes, but now they are and i guess some of our officials are starting to become alarmed due to various reasons.

Many citizens in Arkansas became angry with their officials for not reporting earthquakes, and this to me seems normal especially because of what happened back in 1811 and 1812. The people in Arkansas want to be prepared, but I can also see that paranoia could also become a problem in this world.

This earth is definitely moving, but I don't believe we as humans can prepare for something like what happened back in 1811, 1812 in Arkansas or what just happened in Japan. In all that infrastructure Japan was said to have had, natural phenomenas will come and go regardless and yes, we must try to protect human life and be prepared in the best way possible. Should we be alarmed with small earthquakes? Only if they are occurring like they are in Arkansas, in my opinion. If this is a trend that is beginning to happen, then I believe we need to be educated and made aware. In regards to me feeling earthquakes or tremors, I wonder if I feel these small movements [or earthquakes] because I've lived in California years ago and have experienced bigger earthquakes and this causes me to recognize small ones as opposed to someone who has not ever felt a bigger one. I don't know. The news reporter said that people can't feel small earthquakes around 2 magnitude, but based upon my own experience, i think he's wrong concerning people like me, who might have been in bigger earthquakes and for this reason can identify smaller earthquakes.

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