Black People : Newfound genetic clue to HIV rate in blacks


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Sep 1, 2007
Barbados, West Indies
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wow 40%..interesting...i'll wait for the follow up research. interesting thouugh how the same gene that makes us more vulnerable also makes us more likely to survive with it, and similarly how those without the gene are more likely to die faster if they do contract it.

seems fitting of Afrikans doesn't it though. they try to kill us and we dont die.


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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity
An international team of AIDS scientists has discovered that a gene variant common in blacks protects against certain types of malaria but increases susceptibility to HIV infection by 40 percent. if THEY didn't know...

Greetings Edward Williams! and....

Thank You for Sharing

This sounds to me like a clear case of THEM using WORDS to confuse the hearts and minds of Folks of Afreekan Descent (F.A.D)*. I have come to KNOW that european descendants (e.d.)** lie to support their b.s. racist shystem of injustice. This is a clear cut example of that practice.

1. They KNOW they have used Afreekans of the Continent to develop and test this virus.
2. IF they convince themselves and others that it is INHERENT in YOU, THEN they can absolve themselves PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY,
3. They can exchange this thing called money which is used to provide for one's basic needs at a minimum, and charge you for a cure. You pay for those cures,(for this and all others) via, insurance, medications, time and even in your Spirit as you accept your "deficiency".

I imagine there are other examples you all can see and you may even be moved to share them. Oh yes,

4. Researchers are trained how to gather and present date/statistics in a way which supports their lie...i mean "theories".

Thanks again for Sharing!,


* non-white people
** white people who practice racism/white supreme lunacy


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Feb 19, 2001

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