Black People : New Your Trade Center!! Blast


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Apr 6, 2001
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If any body got any updates please feel free to inform. I can't get into anything.. all the networks are tied up... washington Post.. CNN so and so forth.. Please.. let a sista know!!! :confused:

I have heard and read a few thing... Two planes crashed into the New York Trade Centers.. one plane had 158 passengers i believe it was an American Airline that was jacked.. Also said that a plane crashed into the pentagon... the capital and the whitehouse has been evacuated and there was more to come.. these are the site i have tried to go to.


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Mar 19, 2001
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the evidence found in a rental car in boston is reported to be a Commercial airlines flight manual written in Hebrew. The person who rented the vehicle along with two others are believed to be a part of a facist group with ties to Bin Laden. Although the Taliban is denying that Bin Laden could have done this, the evidence is leading directly to him.

Also there was a list discovered by the security council in the D.C. area that showed more possible targets other than the two that were hit. Although the Pentagon is back open today, the city is still on red alert.

The large Navy Hospital ship that was used in the Gulf War is also headed towards the NY harbor to help with the rescue and the Destroyer that was pulled out of the Gulf Coast to head towards NYC was stopped and ordered back to the Gulf Coast.

Any reports that the Fourth plane was shot down was inaccurate. The "No Fly Zone" over DC has been expanded and any roads intot the District of Columbia are closed. Nothing like facing a tank on the road and you don't have your I.D.

There are reports that they are no more survivors at the Pentagon attack but the search in NYC is ongoing.

If you want more details, possibly ones that will not be seen in
major papers i can give you links to the local papers in this area...

Here are the links:

The Baltimore Sun

Navy Hospital ship ready to move

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