Black Poetry : never taste crack forever embrace fact went to a race Track sitting in the stands lots of fans smi


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May 11, 2006
never taste crack forever embrace fact went to a race
Track sitting in the stands lots of fans smirk on my face
on track with a strong act but unknown facts mess up my
game then test my luck THEN CAME BRONSON I try
have game like MAGIC JOHNSON and throw a look away
while wearing MJ's like MILEY CIRUS my girl got a sprung
tongue among other things, butter clings to her panties hung
on phonics strung out on EBONICS, a clever write in this game
is never quite the same, look I'm in a black car at a snack bar blame
the munchies for this, chick in a mini-skirt quick with plenty work
her hips move while walking love talk script smooth when talking
love is a worldly tool while early in school so really I'm chalking
up point let luck anoint my path, hot love stems but not above
the rim, a beauty with a kiss it is her duty to assist in real hug
love affair, so I'm at a Virginia Beach Snack Bar ducking scrubs
see a chick have to be quick ready to rap could be a sweaty trap
this is a love frenzy and like SPUD MCKENZIE bow! Wow! Perhaps
a dog in this, no doubt bold and my hormones out-of-control
now I'm a bold lover and a soul brother in VIRGINIA BEACH cold
crush groove like a gold rush on the move time to rap to a chick
and trap her quick, want unrestrained fun wit this dame no tricks
her lipstick blend fine and like GENUWINE all joke aside no phony
I want her to “Ride my Pony”, she parade with stats I'm afraid that a stony
love affair can occur her hair stir my nerves up and swerve my luck
blowing in the wind now knowing when enough is enough so I tuck
in my shirt and I'm stuck on her flirt, her gift is stealth and if I left
I wouldn't get no tongue and her thing is wet some right now deft
in my love talk no retard lines having a hard times must calm down
mind stable with pride but not able to decide her bagel wet and brown
bring yet a pond cake of delight it's a great night snack bar down town
in VIRGINIA BEACH far as going to her house I'd love the go but first
the club doe let me put some things in her ear while wearing bling sincere
at this VIRGINIA BEACH Snack Bar

LOOK BOO my dome stay on fire and my cell phone gone haywire
your body known to display desire and it may require love for hire
I was on the road jiving with a song and driving along when the motor
went had to get a Toyota for rent now my quotas bent plus I'm a boater
with a fishing pole and I'm wishing for a bold mermaid to swim and jump
in my canoe boo and that will be you, I flow for fun but no one into crunk
would suspect that I wreck hats like a greasy hair do, got plenty bling
on haven't done anything wrong, facts are phat boo the fact that you cling
to love and sing in the club got me thinking pie and winking my eye

NAW PLAYER I have fun with this but run a risk of falling in love then //
calling from the club for a TAXI CAB boys use waxy vocab to trap when //
they need some we ignore and proceed dumb into their arms sound an alarm //
my body is built and in silk and my breasts are spilt milk ends up in a boy's arms
I'm boss dame and you may have lost the game if you tossed flames in love talk
my ears burning took years of learning this and earning a kiss walk
play a fat card in that regard cats get scarred when I turn
them down so as I take a look you want cake and shook firm
grip on my waist kiss my lips and taste lip gloss as it glows but
not gonna strip off my clothes, stats soar at how my sexy strut
did, I'm hot for days with lot of delays but my panties stays on
give them some but I don't live dumb when it comes to boys
they want cakes to wins sweets and make ends meet plus enjoys
tonguing and stuff and coming with the huff and puff to break
bed springs make me see red things while my head ring my cake
get sliced while boys roll wet dice to gamble and handle an ace
and ramble through lace, I got sweet thighs and wet not a trace
my creek rise and yet plenty fish in the sea but boys wish for me

I was wit this boy stuff happen plenty quick they'll try any trick
to get some and many chicks wet here they cum with them slick
lines one boy told me I was just sweet candies wearing unique
panties I was so hot down there oh he jest kissed my lips sweet
we was standing in a Virginia Beach parking lot my body so elite
I tried to leave the place and couldn't he squeezed my waist call
me pudding I was wearing a min-skirt and it was almost up fall
in love in a heartbeat but really this part is sweet he's kinda tall
his love talk got me against the wall he convince me with all
the lovy dovy stuff, want me to sit in his car and that'll get me
to the bar he hope but Ha! Ha! be too dope for that I really see
through that and try wear a true hat and stay on baby boo stat
so chill your text is weak wait until next week and try again, my phat
pie win you over because there is stuff in the club but not enough
love, you wanna break my code and get cake on the road jest huff
and puff on the backseat it's whack we meet like this my shoes scuff
now, boys in Virginia Beach lie and try for pie can't deny that one
want fish a bigger trout no doubt a girl must figure this out no fun
being surprised then fleeing with pies and boys will chase lace quick
embrace and lick your body, now we in this Virginia Beach parking lot
body sparkling hot with body glitter party not a quitter starting to plot
some extreme stuff and my thing just a cream puff, boys want on the spot
my opinions strongly voiced but the only choice I had was to make love
since my cake come from the club, a love donor hug on the corner above
body no doubt smoking and I'm outspoken a stout token to why I exist
and boys try kiss my lips I get to twist my hips when I walk and that's bliss
this boy wanna make his road straight try for a load of cake after he take
a chicken home and be like QUICKEN LOAN on to the next one and this bake
a boy's brain, he best direct a good speech here that could reach my ear
right here in VIRGINIA BEACH sincere better be truthful I'm a beach it's clear
it make keen sense so far that we leaned against his car I got mad breasts
need to address a love letter to me and I can better see your goal and less
resistance may occur, oh my panties so wet and stuff, what's a girl to do?
Sometimes I dream about bars but now stuck between cars this world is true
oh I couldn't anywhere lots of pudding down there he jest kissed my lips
right there in the parking lot making the spot with footprints now the drips
in my panties tells the story, oh he jest got my tongue I was surprised how
boys be so sprung over a girl's pies, I tries to go he said “oh no girlfriend wow
you got some soft wet stuff” I'm stuck for words couldn't duck what I heard
He said I love you boo my breasts be the recipe that set it off and that's word
my panties get tossed and yet lost on the headboard

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