Black People : Nation Building: The Making of African Americans

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Feb 22, 2008
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All other things aside, there is no denying our greatness. We are the living embodiment of cross-cultural unity. Our philosophical, theological, and cultural make up is legendary in itself.

The framework for which we are to establish who we are, is based on three categories of people - African Traditionalists, African Muslims, and Native Americans. These three categories, in themselves, represent hundreds, if not thousands, of groups of people, and therefore, provide a broad spectrum to draw from.

Knowledge Seed

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Feb 22, 2008
Atlanta, GA
Everything is this thread must be a cross-cultural solution to our problems, based on our aforementioned 3 categories of ancestry.

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Feb 22, 2008
Atlanta, GA
Health and Wellness:
Essentially, people are going to eat and drink what they want. But we can began to curve a large amount of health issues if we change what we eat and how we much eat.

I propose an Islamic diet. Obviously, that means no pork(as well as a few other things). I also propose a Ramadan, of sorts. Not necessarily that particular month, but we, as a people, should have a at least one month that we dedicate to minimal food and beverage intake.

In our present situation, what is now called medicine, does us no good. I suggest we return to the traditional healing methods of our African and Native American ancestors.

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Feb 22, 2008
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Warfare and Combat:
Our hand-to-hand fighting skills shall be drawn from our own indigenous tactics developed on the plantation. This system of fighting came to be known "52 Hand Blocks" or "Jail House Rock". It is practiced very strongly on the East Coast.

Our modern weaponry should come from Muslim ancestors, who were very astute in keeping up with such technology.

In our quest to develop coherent military tactics, I suggest we take a look at successful Native American strategies that constantly setback European invasion.


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Jan 31, 2004
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Aho, I see you, doc....

Of course, any intervention we implement must be grounded in our ancestral "roots". We must become interdisciplinary in our approach. As far as First Nations people are concerned. They wage guerilla warfare against the oyinbo. In order for guerilla warfare to be effective, it requires more than an intimate knowledge of the landscape, it involves knowing the earth systems like the back of your hand.

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