Black People : Names ... do you like your first name? Ever thought about changing it?


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Aug 27, 2010
The Third Plane of Existence
Civil Eng.
I love my first name, and never thought about changing it. It's unique, and where ever I go, I'm the only one.



Jul 2, 2003


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Apr 5, 2014
A very grey city.
Lazy person. name. Well, it doesn't really suits me, lol. The meaning of it. It means "with fair/blonde hair"....and I've became used that almost every time when I say my name the first question is "What kind of name is this?" or "What does it mean?". And to have a lot of people remembering me by a lot of other names, only my name not. Seriously, I've known a girl for two months, and one time she called me "Lorina". Also Laura, Lauren, Lavinia, Olivia...I have an entire list of names people end up calling me:))
Through, to be fair, my name has a quite funny was decided long before I was even born. My father and a friend -they've studied together Roman Empire history decided one time at a party (have no idea if it was one of those uni parties with lots of beers, lol) that if either one of them will have a child, he will name her (if the child is a girl)- Flavia, and if the child is a boy- Flavius. Two children ended up with this names:)))))))

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