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Jul 26, 2001
NAACP & The Trojan Horse
Why has the NAACP Failed Black America?
By Andre Austin

The NAACP organized as a group in 1909 after Booker T Washington destroyed their efforts to form under another name. The NAACP first started because of some vicious racist riots between black and white. The NAACP was integrated from its foundation with blacks and whites coming together. The NAACP has made positive achievements that benefits America as a whole, but its been a Trojan horse. The NAACP is limited because of its very design is incapable of bring about Black unity in social, political and economic aspects in our lives.
For example:

1. NAACP is for cross-ethnic mergers. They put aside Ethnic differences in pursuit of lucrative business practices at the expense of black. You can’t have black, red, yellow, brown and white merge together with the black being the horse and all the other colors being the rider. Alliances can’t occur between weak and powerful. The horse and the rider are not equal.

(A) Support Brown illegal immigration at expense of Black employment.
(B) Non support for Public Works program for fear of white backlash
( C ). Universal programs in Education, Housing and Jobs without specific target and goals for unique problems in urban areas. We know that gas vouchers would eliminate a good percentage of black unemployment. However white politicians don’t want black bodies having an encroachment on jobs on their white turf. We have the Civil Rights Act but can’t take advantage of it.

So in reality we have the Black masses being used like Oil companies use sand that has oil in it. They go through a ton of sand to get 1 gallon of oil. The Black Masses are used in mass numbers to go vote so that the talented tenth 10% of the black community can advance and go off in be a black horse in alliance with other cross-ethnic mergers. So every 4 years gimmicks and celebrities must be manufactured in the Mass Media to dupe them in hope and faith on a national or statewide election.

These controlled suppliant so-called Black organizations will censure and character assassinate any black messiah who can wake up the Black masses to the con games that’s going on. And if that’s not enough the government and its many tentacles will then isolate, incarcerate and even eliminate those that get in the way of their control over the manipulation of the Black Masses.

We rise as a people not as individual rich black stallions who have outsiders riding and controlling them. Are you tired of being taken for a ride?

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