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Jan 29, 2001
for the one(s) who co-wrote this chapter

there was someone I used to know, who traveled far outside her discomfort zone into the outer regions of someplace else ~
and something new happened to her, though later she would learn the opposite was true...she was happening to something new...

be that as it may, she'd only planned to stay one day...

but her soul got happy inside the wonder of that land and new dimensions of sight and sound almost blinded her third eye


colors so brilliant, even shades she'd never seen, illuminated by the light reflected in the windows of all those dwelling in that place...

wisdom, knowledge, and understanding were all present... and together they brought truth....

and love....

well, she lingered long in the arms of love, opened herself to receive its deep touches and the twins of peace and joy were conceived...

the labor was hard, yet sweet, but not without much pain,

and her children grow more beautiful, perfect poetic images of their father...

no, she hadn't the slightest idea, as she traveled that way, of what she would ultimately find

but since she's been back, it is clear to all, that experience blew her natural mind...

alyce, 2001

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