Black Poetry : My yard #2


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Apr 1, 2001
My yard #2

The hassle’s sick got castle brick around my flowerbed
A power head for blooms fertilze wise they tower instead
Like a high structure multiply agriculture grow above the rim
Need a fort of flowers to support my powers as the leaves stem
An opossum try eat the blossom get the shotgun hit him
With a hot one he fall dead and that’s all said his life git dim
I’m a hunter of squirrel number one stunner in this world
It’ no fun to use my blow gun as a means of defense hurl
Bitter lead and knock critters dead try steal crop my blood boil
Put fine powder to lime my flower and sweeten the soil
Beating the oil out of the ground bound for good crop in recoil
The ant opposes me when I plant roses G but that’s too bad



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
just simply too bad
u scribing on all ya dubz


Well-Known Member
Sep 12, 2002
Shaolin,New York
Recording artist and Business lets do it

whas goin' on dawg???
Good ta see you still droppin em......

i was feelin this here....
i swear one day your gonna bug me tha f#*k
out with one of you pieces...I'm gonna be high as hell one day,
come on to tha site,and im gonna read ya scribes and try to decipher them kiko......

this was ill......


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