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Jun 4, 2004
My Visions

i can't believe
this has finally happened to me,
someone like you...
this one is for you,
my queen, the new lady in my life...
music to my ears...motivation for my tears...you are
a promising future i see...
i sometimes wonder what took so long
to find which seems to be my perfect match...maybe my soulmate
so much in common...the thoughts and ideas we share....
i look forward to holding hands, walking down the park
as i stare in your eyes...
day dreaming about us...you and me,
our promising future
your smile paralyzes me everytime i glance your way
my brownskin seems to blush with every word you say
i always said there was something about you..that takes me to a different place
its you...from the top to the bottom...
i enjoy your mind...and the journey you take me on...
with every thought you make...i take a little more and more knowledge to create
a better understanding..of what and whom seems to be unclear...to me.
i see the support you will bring...standing by me with every decision i make...
for the nights after the long days...i see you making sure i can take
all that is served on my white-collar plate...
i have visions of later in our lives....multiplying and adding...to our joyous situation
and in conclusion...
as we embark on this journey...as partners...together,
i know we will make it...and last...forever.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
expressing da heart of love
to da Queen u hold so dear


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May 30, 2003
~The hidden library...~
if this peace does not give the feeling of

~~~Falling~~~ and being totally enwrapped in love

I don't know what does...wow

This was so captivating...I loved it...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!


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Jan 24, 2004
Brick City
day care provider (own business)
What man/woman wouldn't want to hear something that clings dear to their heart...as these words of love do. Your other half must be feeling pretty good right about now. nice write...keep pushing the pen.

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