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May 11, 2006
My verbal tower like a terrible power rappers feeding me
Chapters of hood trash can’t get a good grasp on life you see
Go to the library and see Mariah Carrey body on magazines
And wanna touch it, “yeah dawg the girl is fine body all cream
At a party seen with Swiss Beat she kiss sweet got stamina with
A camera taking a pictures and making scriptures grammar a gift”
Some of these kids lids not too tight at midnight should read books
Some jack off with facts false out of porn books born shook
On naked phonics their matrixs is ironic end up being a crook
“So dawg When comes to jive commissioners the lives of prisioners
Should be spared and this could be aired on TV to all listeners
Yeah petitioners are dropping truth sick politics is no game”
Yo how these lames feel now that their game revealed came
To steal my rhymes gonna have to kneel this time or get tamed
My national anthem has harden become the phantom of the garden
Growing Hip Hop crops in garden plots fertilize with miracle grow
As my lyricals flow through the soils true and loyal the fearful know
Got my dreads plat now my head phat even a red hat appeals
To me, whack cats appear in my doorway make me fear meals
Hardcore everyday “dawg are those beans poision?”


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Mar 21, 2001
lovin how this pulls me into the next line after line
keep droppin it hot !

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