Black Poetry : My Utmost Of His legacy

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
each of us gives in from a faithful friend,
Watch through the beaten tower
We give in way to soon...
This Newest piece, "The utmost for his highest."

covers all known bases to fuel the fan in
look deeper in the reunion,
sort of like a Flash Gordon experience
throughout the torn message

now sit back and reflect to the newest poetic message by Mario William Vitale...
Fan the flame where here to explain
love sought through fame
Quatum leap through the oven torn peak
begging for pan cakes soon;

Stare out my window to explore...
Flush out the order
fill up to snuggle
prepare yourself for the worst
the more important thing

a take we learned all over again
Pizza torn message that tire out the window
love is scented by each message
Billy Joel made it simple
in his Italian restaurant song

Filter through a bald man within a cage
love is certain...
love that clings to life
love through ancient spite
cloak and dagger shorts left on
the blade on a new tooth bothered
breath in stronger compass to be fond of
blown in the wind

shape through the window some sort of a dream
The delicous cake batter,
complain about the great here after
a seed of common cold
let the truth be told

Within the basement gear
lucky is the man who used to know
we are given one chance at this game toward life
shallow speaks...sprung a leak
enough of a chasen
given thanks for a good between
come this way blocked in the wind
scream at the distant rise
a puzzle in your eyes...

How ever long the journey
captivated by a smile
Bob Barker has his pets spayed or nuetered
Run to the hill !

black eyed peas
a solution to it's make believe
we spend too much time blinded
from the newest glow worm
tresured pure melody
down on its shallow peak
keep your distant from a beep

when your hunting you got game to peak
not having you in my arms is not driving me insane
something open by the cabin unfold...

some are faced with sadness
something tall.
let me feel the pain
down at shallows peak
brace your seat
a place of crisp tart fries
thank God I'm alive
worry thrown in tearful eyes
pardoning the fly's
bring your self far from the lies...

God in his supremacy
come on sit right next to me
the closed torn degree
living in a land of make believe
my head is tired
my heart was stained
love was simple colored & vain
through the river shun each pain

Shallow Peak...
my work right here is costly insane
our mission is provided
look on as your eyes flicker
know from deeper desire
you little piece of **** !

A sworn intention
we missed the hit
shade return down the cliff
love was made a new days scream
certain nursed factor
stretched on it's horn
paralyzed from a gun

out of sheer sadness
you brought us to the cabin
go down through New Britain
a pardon in the midst of things
you look deeper closed off from society
the mighty tenth degree
A place of future seed
lift high the rivers scene
comfort in the trees
fair skin in the common wealth of certain pain
I climbed through the trees
nature wallows through the breeze
building upon my legacy
some have been born out of the make believe

Naked, said I below the bees
my love will even swoon
think a head of the pain
all along the watch tower
eyes that capture the saga to its scene

Smell it in the air
a word of ancient care
beside the current web
sought through a bon fire
ever so will fit together
desiring twice the savor
wallow in the caged breeze
never could do enough
sharpen your pencil with us
we are out in the woods
what are we passionate to do
the legacy with its trail
jumbo timbers like this
in the cold of night
we torn from logic into spite
open sex in spot of an angle
rush throughout each thought
night club, casino & desire
the narrow approach upon its desire

"Every Rose Has A Thorn"...

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