Quiet Poetry Lounge : My Soul Sings ! Return of "SADIE" forth thy womb!


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
O'h so happy soul inside
joy and sadness reside
gladness do abide
deeply grace'd
in the wake of this place
forth thy father above
bless thy woman wit love
to bring forth life through
thy womb of labor & shame
even the greatest of pain

A smile cometh out this seed
that the heartful soul has breed
building the next generation

I've studied , Analyzed my mind
of the pain of a woman worth from
this jolly joy yet painful habor within
my inner feelings leave a void unjust
manifested through the womb i visit
again and again , stoppin to listen
in quiet stillness glisten atop my heart
enter a weepin stage forth i am
so be u humble and divine to light

once depart a empty feeling caresses
the soul so whom be there to destroy
cause destructional maze of acts upon
life and living to death thy killer of evil

Did man not know life bare the fruit of
thy mother womb to steal , taketh and
betrayal of rites is raping thy mother !
the gore of morals and false hope leave
a stain upon thy child whom so be of
virginalize structure within beaten from
the purity of the soul and stolen heart
of cracked emotions

Did man see forth eyes of pain
and the sour pour longing deep
that kills dreams and devotion
of the womb
so it leaveth to take route of
safety through my sister for
morning glory and the flower
I push to reasons of thy creed
and the seed planted is poison
out of false love and stolen joy
i deem the hurt and soak in pain
from the ware of my sanity

Did one not know of the structure
of life fulfillment and the worth of
thy W~O~M~A~N her lasting treasure
the depth of her womb and the light it
brings forth life

Determanation , DeHumanized Poison
Betrayal of the soul his and mines so
i found that on my knees , handz together
upon thy glory i see peace through prayer
and live the dream of hope and happiness
as thy sista keeper so i weep in her womb
for better seeding that ferterlize the walls

SO SPEAKETH S~A~D~I~E sadieeeeeee!!


Sadie's Dyamondluv 2005
Nu~wave Creation Reserved.


Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2003
Seems like Sadie is fired up about the disrespect of woman's bodies. We haven't heard from her in a while. May she continue to speak.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
one so pollute
the vast of gold
sololy stain the
purity of an virgin
from self festation
and sour joy that
leave a lingering pain

He so that drop liquidation
upon the fleshatation of thy
womb of purity is death within
forth life be no more ..............

Thankz watz so speaketh SADIEEEEE !!

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