Black Poetry : My script reflect like a shipwreck prevail like sea whales


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Apr 1, 2001
My script reflect like a shipwreck prevail like sea whales
Maddened by cold and hunger now bold and stronger than nails
Stress true in decision until a rescue mission picked up
My sick butt from a drowning pool clowning fools corrupt
Cause corrosion in domes, explosions in microphones the act
Of a mad man with a sad plan, cause dumb fire and collision fact
Like an umpire decision intact, so yall call time out my vision cracked
Like a cook baked a cake got shook by mistake like Betty Crocker
Now the recipe is my destiny just flour and milk power built as a shocker


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Mar 21, 2001
man like howdis came off ya skillz is beyond compare tyte drop MADD!
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