Black People : My position.


Aug 18, 2013
I want to avoid myself going over the edge of hatred against Whites or Caucasians because they are human beings. I'm not saying that Blacks aren't capable of evil or have not committed great sins against other Blacks for truly I believe that White Supremacy is mostly responsible for majority of evil within the human family, I attest Blacks also worship White Supremacy. Many Blacks are involved in Masonic Orders and Greek Fraternities and Sororities that give false credit to Greeks, the ancestors of Whites, as being the best of the human race and founders of civilization. This satanic worship of the Whites was also carried out by Native Americans who mistook the appearance of Whites as some kind of gods in their prophecy. All over the world people of color, including Asians, Arabs, Indians, Eskimos, Aborigines and pretty much the entire non-white world, view White skin as some kind of badge of honor. The lighter you are and the closer to White the better your life, the better you are treated by society and the greater your privileges and greater your access to human rights and dignity. This is the most greatest problem is that White Supremacy has become a human issue and is followed as if it was a religion.

White Supremacy must end and die out from being seen as a way human beings value one another. The barbarity that produced the White from the Albino can be seen in how Albinos are treated in Africa. They are hunted down and hated, they were pushed out of every society in the ancient world until they arrived in the caves of Europe. And without civilization, without adequate resources, they simply became what they are today, vicious monsters who hate people of color. Their monetary system isn't even about materialism, for elite Whites have enough money to last millions of years, they simply want to deprive the people they hate so much and keep them impoverish and ridiculed, Blacks! This old envy and jealousy curse within the human family continues to drive racism which is a product of White Supremacy. Negroes who jump to defend White Supremacy and attack those of who revolt against its in-humaneness are just evil, some people allow themselves to get sucked up into hurting others as well just for sadistic purposes. The bizarre demonic underground rituals conducted by secret societies members in Western Civilization by both Whites and Blacks bears witness to the cruelty that is the underline meaning of White Supremacy, and that is to simply commit to destruction.

This is my position, take it or leave it.


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Feb 26, 2013
Greeks aren't the ancestors of caucasians. Like other tribes in history, they stole from them, and put their faces to their works. The greeks were darker skinned like all others.

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
Greeks aren't the ancestors of caucasians. Like other tribes in history, they stole from them, and put their faces to their works. The greeks were darker skinned like all others.


The original Greeks were black?

Me and these white people by the name of T_N and Josef and a long debate about history. They happened to mention that Greeks were European but I told them that the original Greeks were black and tried to argue me down by asking for proof. I neglected to show them proof for reasons that I would not share my references with them. I have changed my mind Here's the links:
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