Black Poetry : My plan great but like candidates I stand to debate cats About matters and no doubt this scatters ru


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May 11, 2006
My plan great but like candidates I stand to debate cats
About matters and no doubt this scatters rumors and stats
Will fall flat on their face, with life try be merry went to
The library and loud talk got me banned and now a true
Proud walk but understand to be quiet even if a riot brew
Like issues it take all type of tissues to wipe away the hype
Junk that stay on the tables after a day strong and able to type
Like a wicked king I kick it wearing bling, cats don’t like that
My pride talk but like sidewalks it’s getting stepped on my stats
In a black zone so in America my facts unknown and black history
Is whack mystery that grip fast and whiplash my brain so blistery
My head is like a shed it’s strong and all when leaning against
A stone walls this stuff would gone and fall without support, convinced
That this wisdom reaching like a system of teaching this rhythm
come from preaching the cataclysm of bleaching souls is realism
like the depth of the ocean this stuff is stealth and in motion
even a mermaid gets her parade rained on fish swims, wish for Tims
to fashion around the passion pound my feet like sneaks and hymns
are sung climb tree limbs and swung among jungle like TARZAN
and a caravan of elephants, ungawa! Ungawa! Got a bar plan
but need a car in this land of milk and honey a girl in silk juice
is runny every excuse crummy if you don’t have sex potions produce
drink from fountains as a rhymer but like a mountain climber stand
on the edge of cliffs say a pledge and sniff the fresh air so in demand
is the chaos before creation there’s a hardcore relation with nature
which will violently and silently replace devastation and nomenclature
my spree soar like life on the sea floor must be more precise in life
be with girls in parlors is like being with a world of scholars it’s nice

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