Black People : My Last Post-Farewell to the Destee Fam


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Apr 29, 2013

In my time posting here(few months), I’ve interacted with some interesting posters and have frequently been involved in intense exchanges.Family, my comments weren’t particularly posed at specific posters, yet my recent posts were marked as “offensive” or some incitement of a gender war.

It appears there’s an atmosphere of political correctness that reigns here, wherein anything that challenges the group think mentality is immediately eradicated. This is what you would expect from white folks, their system and their terroristic ways, not from a site designed for our people, regardless of background,religious affiliation, which is a place for like minds and unlike minds to discuss issues affecting us as Black(melanin dominant) people in this diaspora.

It’s a shame when a premier Black site like this is more content on allowing a white boy to examine our thoughts( see: workingwhitemans, “Can you Call the Game Even?” thread), than a candid discussion of the true issues that plague us. In that thread, the aforementioned white guy not only questioned us but condescended to each and every loyal member here,whereas a few Brothers legitimately raised concerns about Black male/female relationships, and they’re endlessly accused of “promoting gender war”.

What is the plan here to combat the miseducation of young Black boys and girls? What is the strategy to subvert both the economic and physical bomb that’s going to be dropped on Black America in 2018(more and more a reality everyday)?. These should be the problems we organize against, instead of banning solid Brothers that just so happen to possess a mentality that’s outside the bubble of what’s marketed as “truth”.

Internet forums are much like barbershops: everybody’s a philosopher and truth seeker in their own right.

This site is an interesting place for those of us that are liberation minded to congregate, yet there’s censorship of those truly committed to liberation. My people, stop living in a bubble. The fault of the dismantled family structure doesn’t lie solely at the feet of Black men or Black women, for both are victims of this Amerikkkan system.

However, if only sisters are allowed to voice their discontent with Black men and Black men aren’t allowed to counter those sentiments,you’ve already created a biased atmosphere that is going to spawn weak men,captain save ems’ and white knight syndrome.

Real, conscious,authentic Brothers that are doing the good work aren’t going to stand by and allow themselves as the head of the family structure to get disrespected.But it seems that a mentality persists here that anything can be said so long as it doesn’t offend Black women’s sensibilities and “don’t tick off our good white folk that contribute!”.

There’s too many Toms,Fetchits, Mammies and Bed Wenches as it is. What happened here is a microcosm of what happens in our communities all too often: Brothers and Sisters with solutions are sidestepped by self-appointed authorities for the sake of maintaining what is comfortable to the masses.

If this site continues with its “you’re free to do what we tell you” policy, I doubt true revolutionary voices will get an opportunity to network their thoughts and this place unfortunately will go the way of so many other sites in being a feminist, “I have people to please”,fascist waste of webspace. I type these words not as an attack, and anybody that’s read my previous entries can see I’m about my people.

What are the goals here?

Do most here concerned with liberation harbor a true plan to make the white man a non-reality in their daily lives? This is the wisdom that should be shared here,I know, sometimes, such information has to be shared in closed quarters, but the point remains.

There can’t be a bubble in regards to hearing the voices of our own people. If twenty years from now we’re still discussing the same ways of the white man, what have we accomplished? The key is to keep searching for solutions, and sometimes those solutions don’t come easy.

Personally,I believe Booker T. Washington had the right remedy. The honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey succeeded him in that regard by combining the media with the political and industrial and the most Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us a nation, farmland, fifty schools and a major international distribution program.

Those accolades weren’t achieved by closed minds or a groupthink mentality.

Big ups to all my true soldiers(Brothers and Sisters)on this site:

Angela22,Omowale Jabali,Asomfwaa,Clyde Coger,NNQueen,Chevron Dove, Enki,JamesfrmPhilly,Khasm13,KPTRL,KingSango,butterfly#1, FieldPea,rapunzal24,Shikamaru, SkuderJaymes and Orisons. I’ve enjoyed networking with you all and sharing thoughts.

Anybody interested in networking/building beyond these walls can reach me by email:

It’s been real, but time to move to other shores. To those that remain here, keep searching for solutions,keep studying and keep creating for yourself, your businesses and your family. Our community needs you.

“A people without a knowledge of their history, is like a tree without the roots.”-Marcus Mosiah Garvey

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