Jan 22, 2017
Manchester, UK
IMHO Jamaicans (JA) were tricked into thinking that England was a tolerant welcoming country. My Grandparents were "invited" to England from JA in the late 40s i.e., post war Britain. My Grandparents along with other JA's were promised Jobs in their chosen careers, my Grandfather was an self-taught carpenter, and my Grandmother was a midwife.

To cut a long story short my Grandmother got the job of her dreams ... something about Whites and a Black woman nurturing their children. My Grandfather on the other hand along with other skilled JA males were put to work cleaning up post war Britain's streets.

My Grandfather quickly quit his job and set out to give his countrymen what they wanted and, opened his first late night drinking den (shebeen)..Blues as they were called back then, LOL!!. My Grandfather use to say that JA's hate to spend money, LOL!! So, he opened his doors to the Irish. Prior to my Grandfathers leniency the Irish and JA's were at loggerheads competing for Jobs. However, my Grandfather unwittingly brought the two groups together with a common interest i.e., music and drinking, LOL!!.

My Grandfather went on to creating a chain of shebeens throughout Sth Manchester. My Grandfather insisted that his drinking dens were dimly lit which eventually attracted all kinds of patronage including famous footballers, actors, news castors and even famous AA Motown artists...the four tops, Desmond Decker etc. However, his shebeens also attracted cops and, of course they wanted a cut of his lucrative enterprise. To cut a long story short my Grandfather was bent on cutting the cops out and he eventually ended up in prison where he died of a heart attack. RIP.

My Father never followed in his dads footsteps and opted for a job at Manchester docks were he stayed until the Docks closed down RIP. From this I learned to just work for a living but I still revere my Grandfather for his wherewithal to recognise a gap in the market and just going for it regardless of all the cr@p going on around him.

To-day in 2017 the JA culture that Whites latched onto back then has practically disappeared - watered down. Back then JA's stuck together; married, and shacked up with their own along with tight family connections.

Speaking only for myself btw I am now considered Jamaican descent, and NOT Jamaican by those on the Island - those back on the Island call me a "Hinglish Man" ... I won't laugh.

IMHO JA decent males have sold out to the White woman. IMHO to-day, especially in Manchester its common to see single White women with mixed race kids sired by JA/African descent males.

The confusion sets in when JA elders in Manchester label a mixed race kid ... JA/White as a "Bad Seed" i.e., White/Black don't mix well. IMHO this rings true in our inner cities in that mixed race kids JA/White are a very angry group. IMHO, mixed race girls JA/White tend to date JA decent males ... the darker the skin the better - it's like they are attempting to wash out the Whiteness.

All said, our JA descent women refuse to go down the same road as JA descent males in that it's rare to see a JA descent woman with a Whiteman. It's funny, Whitemen tend to stay clear of JA descent women because they are considered too aggressive, GOOD, LOL!!.


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Jun 7, 2016
Your grandpa had it right. The only reason you should be working is to learn how to open your own business and support yourself until you have reached that goal.
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