Black Poetry : My face showed annoyance at the delay see they // postpone the concert sent out wrong alert play //


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May 11, 2006
My face showed annoyance at the delay see they //
postpone the concert sent out wrong alert play //
with my nerves gonna stay get served something hey //
for what its worth the earth travel around the sun //
every 365 days and that's a year and its phat to hear from //
books leave everyone with a dumb look on their face //
can't erase that a cat chase at mouse at a fast pace //
that's an absolute puss-n- boots awight? Got some taste //
so a girl got apparatus and world status in the eyes of others //
she also have pies with butters so her ears get clutters //
of love words in the club I heard boys try take them home //
now this is BLACH HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH and it's strong //
no doubt fears over shouts and cheers but which route steers //
me in the right direction? Tight affection is needed I hears //
rumors, look there are crazy marriages and then baby carriages //
appear in the newspaper, now see a brown Soul Sista many savages //
try rap to her but a map I prefer to see my way around plant cabbages//
and get collard greens, she have cake at home sincerely and she make that //
known clearly my mind blown severely so grown she appear to be body is phat //
party at the club ”OK BOO you got lace and witty in the face of the city //
try have taste like P DIDDY anf all my rhymes be from the BAD BOY committee //
got all ;type of crew and like dew drip from leaves and try rip MC'S and greet
with defeat
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May 11, 2006
call a doctor because this is all proper and may fall hotter on your doorstep then you'll need hardcore help understanding my planning, now he see a chick and have to be quick to squeeze no trick up my sleeve, her kitchen utensils are hot got a pencil in my box for writing love letters and of course trees have leaves, paint sprung chapters as a saint among rappers, as the sound clutter my eardrum as renown butter yum! yum! utter with thumbs up, true rhymes comes two at a time and I'm overdue for wine got a crew online nothing new about crime, I try be nice but too high a price to pay everyday "SO BOO we in an industry of bliss where chemistry exist like DOCTOR FRANKENSTEIN and on a helicopter we drinking wine but boo my plan phat and where your man at?" "OH HE'S at home he like to be alone at the computer, not a chance for a hot romance no plot to enhance our affair, I have cake galore but to him it's a great bore guess it's a mistake to ignore his attitude stats be rude, so I put on a mini-skirt and step out need help no doubt I mean this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH and I'm a BLACK SOUL SISTA with sweaty black thighs ready with facts that fly's you really wanna smack my pies but my skirt pulled down, I'm not gonna lift think you wanna sniff and hound around down town the juices inside my thing are hidden hydraulics but written solid in love letters boys be on the prowl like puppy hounds even yuppie clowns want some, distinguish to reach with an English speech they bring this to Virginia Beach, while my booty be bouncing around and trouncing a clown that wanna kiss my lips and be lifting my dress tails like shifting gales

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