Black Poetry : (my Apologies)...........the End


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Mar 21, 2001
The sound of your voice~
....So non-impassionata
Made it clear to me~
....That my presence was persona-non-grata
Apparent(now)wasted effort, time and expenditures on you~
....Is something that I am unwilling to continue to do
It's just that I wish love's blinders~
....Had not obstructed my view!

I would've seen month's ago that there was a him & you~
....And it would not have been so difficult
To accept..that, although we never really got to start~
....Except for some futile..non encouraged attempts on my part
I recognize now that whatever it was(n't) is now over
....Eventually, my bruised love chamber will recover a consequence, I wouldn't be feeling so light in the
....Moreover..maybe I wouldn't feel so HEAVY in my HEART!!!!


The above excerpt was given to me by a fellow poet that I was
having a conversation with..the subject being, the proper way to
apologize or be apologized well as the fact that one of the
two of you, either the apologizer or the apologizee..may have
misunderstood something said or done..thereby bringing about
the need to apologize. At the time we were both listening to
LIVING COLOUR'S TIMES UP CD..cut #4.(How scary that turned
out to be.) Anyway it doesn't apply to anyone in particular (at
least for me) and I thank him profusely for the present!!*
*ps...Doc I see that you're posting material again...give me a call
or e-mail me. I need your insight on something. merci beaucoup.


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Jan 9, 2002

this piece gives me the feel of a person who knows that there is a problem and wants to keep peace.
therefore, apologizing for the other person's misdeed, etc.
however, if the other party(ies) involved had a backbone, they would be doing the writing instead.
very hot piece.
has a melodic flow....

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