Black Poetry : Musings of a Madman


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Jun 15, 2002
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I’m lost, floating on a cloud of confusion, drifting like ash
sifting through my emotions, fearing intruding thoughts of my past
shifting gears like manual transmission trying to keep up with life
transmitting negative energy, sharp remarks cutting like a knife
I have no time for games, only video and board
my mind was designed I think to serve the Lord
but I’m not doing it, so I’m not serving my purpose
concealing my feelings under women, weed and loud curses
now I feel kinda bad when I visit churches
I don't rehearse this, just thoughts bubbling up to the surface
I can't suppress the regret that I made a few bad decisions
I cut off a lot of my dreams with surgical precision
now I’m in a labyrinth with no quick exit
if only I’d used some common sense, I would have less stress
life throws lots of curve balls, aye batter batter...swing!
and I still haven't hit a homer, in spite of everything
I haven't struck out yet, but I only have a couple left
my lucks running out, all I have left is my son and my health
my trust snuck out, I barely trust myself...
I’m a poor man but have plenty of un-materialistic wealth
I invest in the best thing possible, it has no monetary worth
truth, and that makes me one of the richest men on earth
I search and search but not positive what im looking for
I’m stuck in a rut, hoping the future has positivity in store
I’m hungry for love and thirsting for truth
I’m fighting against conformity with nail and tooth
I feel the weight of the world like atlas
if I can only stay strong, it won't be too long before I’m past this

Derrick H.


Mar 26, 2003
true in God...

holding up the world like atlas
i felt like i took a lot if ish lying down
like a mattress
or bedspring
i don't have plans to dominate the world like ming
i just want something
of me to be left
when i'm gone with the wind
my spirit is to strong to let them
but its hard trying to get
the **** out of this life of sin

tight true scribing man...i felt those...


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Mar 21, 2001
well felt and heard
dis takes me back a bit


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Jan 14, 2003
The Lone-Star State
I’m hungry for love and thirsting for truth
I’m fighting against conformity with nail and tooth

Derrick, you're a SOUL MAN!

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