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Feb 9, 2007
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Mumia Abu-Jamal; Muslim Unity Meeting; Muslim Mobilization for ERA

Assalaamu Alaikum
(Greetings of Peace):

It has come to my attention that the political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal may be having his final appeals hearing tomorrow (Thursday), May 17th, at the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, PA. Since his unjust conviction in the Philadelphia court of the late Judge Sabo in 1982, Mumia has been engaged in a high stakes life and death struggle in pursuit of a new trial. Despite his own personal ordeal, however, Mumia’s armor of resistance has remained intact (praise be to God); he has remained “the voice of the voiceless†even from DEATH ROW!

Insha’Allah, I will travel from the Washington area to show my support. I may also decide to remain in “the city of brotherly love†(such an ironic moniker) overnight and attend jumah at one of the masajid in the city on Friday.

The federal courthouse where the oral arguments will be heard is located at 6th and Market Streets in downtown Philadelphia. International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal are calling for a MASS SHOW OF SUPPORT! Support activities will also be held at the Friends Center (15th & Cherry Sts.) throughout the day. For additional info call (215) 476-8812.

Muslim Unity Meeting in Potomac, MD
The first planning session for a proposed Muslim Unity Conference was held Friday, May 11th, at the Islamic Education Center (IEC) in Potomac, MD - at the intersection of Montrose and Seven Locks Rd. The next meeting will be held at the same location this coming Friday, May 18th, at 6:30pm, insha’Allah. The Peace And Justice Foundation will be present, insha’Allah, and we urge all others concerned about this important issue to do the same. Additional information on the intent behind this important initiative can be found below.

Muslim Mobilization for Equal Rights in America

Insha’Allah, the first organizing meeting for the Muslim Mobilization for Equal Rights in America - tentatively scheduled for this summer - will be held this coming Saturday, May 19th, immediately following salatul dhur at Dar us-Salaam. We are planning to utilize one of the large classrooms of Al-Huda School, for a couple of hours, to give our brothers and sisters a detailed synopsis on the purpose (and urgency) behind this initiative. If you are a Muslim leader or activist concerned with any of the following, and you reside in the Washington area, you need to be present at this very important meeting:

- the open-ended detentions of Muslims (both here and abroad)!
- the insertion of agent-provocateurs in the Muslim community!
- the flood of “conspiracy†cases wherein young Muslims are receiving more time than convicted murderers!
- the selective enforcement of immigration laws!
- the breakup of Muslim families in America via “the war on terrorism!â€
- the indiscriminate raids on Muslim homes, businesses and places of worship!
- the closing of Muslim charities, and the seizing of assets!
- the difficulties that many immigrant Muslims increasingly have in sending much needed revenue back home to their families in poverty stricken countries!
- the embarrassing and inconvenient profiling that routinely takes place at airports and other venues of public accommodation!
- the malicious anti-Islam, anti-Muslim propaganda that permeates America’s mass media, and the ever increasing physical attacks such propaganda has unleashed on innocent, law-abiding Muslims!
- and the ever increasing attacks (and/or threats of attack), directly or by proxy, on Muslim populated countries!

If you are a committed Muslim concerned about any or all of these aforementioned issues, you need to be involved in helping to organize support and involvement in the MUSLIM MOBILIZATION FOR EQUAL RIGHTS IN AMERICA!!!

Dar us-Salaam is located at 5301 Edgewood Rd, College Park, MD. 20740 - Tel (301) 982-9848. For additional information on this initiative call (301) 762-9162, or e-mail us at peacethrujustice@ . Hope to see you on Saturday (insha’Allah).

On a final note, I also expect to be in Paterson, NJ, this weekend to give a short presentation on the Darfur crisis at the Islamic Relief fundraiser, scheduled for Sunday, May 20th, at the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC).

Yours in the struggle for peace thru justice,

El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan
Director of Operations
The Peace And Justice Foundation
28 Rabi al-Thani 1428

____________ _________

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

The first Unity Conference planning session was held Friday, May 11, at the Islamic Education Center (IEC) in Potomac, Maryland. Seven brothers and sisters attended the meeting which started at 5:45pm and ended at 7:50pm. The following items were discussed during the meeting:

1. Identifying the root cause and problems associated with lack of unity among Muslims, especially among "Shia and Sunni" which has resulted in the bloodshed and killing we see today.

2. Who benefits from our disunity and what forces are at work to sustain this hatred and division? What regions and countries are most victimized by this current wave of sectarian violence?

3. What steps must be taken to prevent such brutal and malicious expressions of sectarian hatred and violence to gain a foothold in America?

4. What are the most important topics to be presented during the conference/seminar?

5. Who should the committee invite to make presentations during the conference?

6. What is the tentative date of the conference?

7. How many planning sessions/meetings are necessary to develop this conference? And how often should the committee meet?

8. What presentation formats (lecture, workshop, power point...) are most useful to communicate the important meanings and ideas associated with this conference?

Most of the afore-mentioned questions were answered during the initial meeting (May 11). However, the decisions reached during this meeting can be revisited and if necessary modified, during the next meeting scheduled for Friday, May 18, 2207 at 6:30pm. The meeting will again be held at the IEC. For those who didn't make the first meeting due to short notice and/or scheduling conflict, please attend the next meeting this coming Friday.

Finally, please make an effort to attend the next meeting. The aim and objective of this meeting is very, very important. Kindly keep in mind the overall goal of this conference/seminar. As previously mentioned, the Muslim Community in America must make a clear statement regarding the brotherly/sisterly relationships among Muslim. This statement and message should take on a practical form which guides our interaction with each other, irrespective of our minor differences. If our effort gains momentum and builds a willingness and tolerance-capacity among Muslims, to work with each other while respecting and tolerating each others' differences, we would have accomplished a great deal. Let the sincere message go forward: Muslims in America are [striving to become more] unified and tolerant. We are working together to advance the sacred cause of Islam beneath the canopy of Quran and Sunnah. As The Quran says, "And hold together the rope of Allah and do not divide/separate/ partition yourselves.. .."

Insha'Allah, we'll see each other this Friday (May 18) at 6:30pm, for the second meeting of the Unity Conference Planning Committee. Please bring along anyone you consider useful and helpful for this cause.

Respectfully wa Salaamu Alaikum,

Br. Salahuddeen Abdul Kareem
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