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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The sustainer of The universe. Peace upon who follows The Guidance.
" Daththir " in arabiyyah means 'deuteron ' in the English language. a deuteron is an atomic particle. It separates from an atom and can live as long as the atom it broke from but only on one condition. It must stay and remain within the orbital sphere of the atom it broke from. A deuteron has no electron, so it must remain in proximity of the atom it broke from, in order to maintain its electronic light and survive and thrive. if it orbits out of this life line range, the deuteron fails and is absorbed into the Kursy, The Glue. called space, in English, or the quantum fabric of existence. the word 'quantum' in no way is sufficient to describe 'the fractal sheet' upon which existence exists.
The word Muddaththir, is translated as " one wrapped up ". Referring to The Prophet Mustaafaa Muhammad Al Amin (born 570-recieved qur'aan 610 until 632, the year in which he died. And Azraa'iyl asked The Prophets' permission to take his life, which he mentioned to his companions before he actually died. And Allaah knows best. The salutations of Allaah and The angels and peace be upon him.) disposition after meeting The angel Jibraa'iyl. He was terrified, he was in awe, he was filled with these emotions so overwhelmingly that he shivered and did indeed ask to be wrapped up. His wife, who believed every word The Prophet said to her, obliged willingly.
I do not contest that the word Muddaththir means the above. indeed it does. However, according to the literal semantics of the word, it describes one wrapped up in the emotions of what caused the experience and not only, neccessarily, does it refer to a ' physical/material garment put upon the shoulders for comfort. " Daththir " . One Wrapped up in The Rememberance of Allaah is what Muddaththir means. If you continue to read the surah, look at the things The Most High is calling into the Mind and Heart of The Messenger of Allaah; so that The Messenger can MAINTAIN being wrapped up. Wrapped up in that feeling The Most High orders Muhammad to Rise in that condition, and warn!
The children, descendants, of Israel, failed to maintain The Light.. So The Most High raised up ONE to show them that ONE could achieve what a nation failed to do. They have achieved world notoriety, good or bad, at the expense of the displeasure of Allaah Most Glorified and Exalted. The Prophet Muhammad raised a nation to follow The Law / Guidance of Allaah. Not him, per se. And the sole purpose of the Muslim is found in surah 48, the last two verses.
Deuteronomy and daththir are the same word. Its bio-chemical presence in the body is what Thought is made up of. pure hydrogen, water making. hydrogen interfacing with the nervous system, light, within the cavity of the brain ignites thought, an etheric gaseous substance. A deuteron is a particle that has separated from its Parent atom. a thought is a particle which has broken away from your perception and its isolation begs attention....then Intention. Then action. The rememberance of Allaah governs and guides this operation(s) of the Mind. The reason deuterium lacks an electron, which means the particle does not carry its own Light, is because it is that which makes light. when a deuteron is adopted, it is adopted to mirror and then duplicate light. this is the quandry of the alchemist. he sees that thought comes from light therefore light, electricity, should come from thought. the alchemist wishes to discover the power in thought. he's handling the knife by the wrong end. Thought is a key, not a door. Thought is used to open light, not harness it. This is why in Qur'aan Allaah The Most High says: The rememberance of Allaah is The Greatest! It is a guide for thought... that Al Qur'aan has no doubt in it for the " muttaqiyn " those filled with taqwaa. Be wrapped up in the light of Allaah and The Most High will guide us into all that is good. The deuteron mirrors and duplicates... it conducts the light in water and boosts it properties. it binds with the electrical output in water then as a 'coefficient', multiplies and varies it. strengthening the integrity of the molecular structure as a whole and reproducing the conductivity... this is why you can freshen a thought even if its 20 years old. you can lean into a thought and even recall the emotional content of it. Deuterium. Deuteronomy is its process.
O you wrapped up! ( in the Fear of Allaah )
Stand up therefore Warn! ( tend to your prophethood, deliver the message ) 74:1-2
This speech of Allaah drove the Prophet into 23 years of Revelation from Allaah. He learned of Ad and Thamuwd and Rome and The children of Israel and other Prophets and messengers etc... he learned world history from The testimony of Allaah. Who was There. Allaah informed and taught The prophet through HIS, Allaah's, own testimony of historical events as well as signs of what is to come. Al Qur'aan a gift to humanity, a ways and means of approach to The Creator of Heaven and earth, From The Creator of The Heaven and the earth to us, through The Prophet Muhammad.
We can recite the qur'aan and achieve intellectual and spiritual elevation as well. Through being diligently Sincere in our pursuing and seeking out to impose the presence of Allaah into our realms of thinking and more importantly, our perception. Consider Perception:
many Muslims believe that Ibliys asked Allaah for "respite" until the day of Judgement. a sort of probation period to prove some things before Allaah drops the hammer on him. The word in Qur'aan from which the word 'respite' is translated from is " Nadhar ". This word at its core and its peripheral meaning mean " perception ". Ibliys asked for Perception. Now with perception comes respite, time, to understand what you are percieving. Ibliys asked for Perception. The answer was , surely you are from the ones having perception. Think on it... why would he ask for Perception? what could be gained by having Perception? How did he know to ask for such a thing?
By Ibliys shooting off at the mouth, he realized that had he known what others known he may have kept his mouth shut and just fell into prostration like everyone else. When The Most high asks a question it isnt to discover an answer,,, it is to bring back into your mind what should not have escaped it. Ibliys realized he lacked perception. he knew he had knowledge but perception is a mechanism all by itself. one can have knowledge without perception. perception is not apart of the anatomy of knowledge. Perception is apart of the anatomy of intelligence, that which can examine knowledge. Ibliys lacked intelligence, so that is what he asked for. The definition 'respite' is apart of the meaning of ' Nadhar '. respite, is an outgrowth of intelligence. The time it takes to understand a thing into your thinking is the respite. However Allaah gave him until the Day of Judgement. Now consider the power of perception and see how the world turns because of it. how the heart turns because of it, the mind changes due to it...perception. consider how things appear one way but closer examination reveals its truth. Perception. Consider how all things are a matter of relative perception. Consider Shaytaan intending to hurt you by way of and through Perception, the 'presentation' of a thing. The presents and presentations of shaytaan are meant only to obstruct or block The Perception of The Presence of Allaah within your Mind and definitely within the world. Perception.
" So when you read qur'aan seek refuge in Allaah from shaytaan The Cursed ". Advice from Allaah, 16:98,99. No authority. which means he cannot wield any power over the heart and mind. We must be sincere for these are the only people that will not be misled by the shaytaan. Al Mukhlasiyna, the sincere ones. 15:40. The root word in Mukhlasiyna, is Ikhlaas.. as in surah Ikhlaas. Those 19 little words which make up 1/3 of the entire Qur'aan.
One day The prophet Muhammad stood on his porch and beckoned to his companions to join him. when they all arrived, The prophet looked at them smiling and said, would you like to hear me recite one third of the qur'aan. they responded yes! sure!
The prophet then recited surah 112, Ikhlaas, turned and went into the house. The Prophet noticed the companions still lingered outside his house. he came out onto the porch and asked, what is the matter with you? Rasulullaahi you asked if we wanted to hear you recite one third of The Qur'aan. The Prophet replied, And I did. He then turned and went back into the house.
We must be sincere and such sincerity is acheived by causing the Mind to truly understand that Allaah is Alone and One, is not born and does not give birth and that there is nothing at all Like Allaah. Nothing in creation is like Allaah. The only thing 'like' Allaah is The description Allaah gives about Allaah. Yet, Allaah says Nothing is like or equal to Allaah... even a description of Allaah is not like Allaah. Allaah is above the things used to Percieve him, language included, a language subject to the use/intelligence of man, especially.
Wa lam yakuwn lahu kufuwaan ahad - And did not exist for Allaah an equal, any. Ikhlaas 4th ayaat.
Sincerely we must approach our Rememberance of Allaah. For there is no might and no power except by way Allaah The Most High The Supreme.
if this bares correction or explanation please feel free to respond to me. if you know something to be inaccurate or deserves more attention than I have given it please point this out to me. even typos.
As Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu Ayyuhaal Muw'minuwn.
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