Black Poetry : Ms. Vagina Don't Love Nobody


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May 23, 2001
The Poetic Truth About Ms. Vagina (not necessarily yours) When She's Unleashed

Before man existed...
She was.
Though she had not yet
Became human flesh,
The evidence of her coming was nigh.

The male lion had begun
Killing his young for her.
The male grasshopper
Willingly gave his limbs
For her and then his life.

Yet, Ms. Vagina loved no one.

Strength may be given to the man, but many
Powers rest beyond the crevices of Ms. Vagina.
Though she has no strength of her own,
She is stronger than any man.

Yea, her strength is rooted in the night.
When she is ready to strike.
It doesn't matter whether it's dark...or light.
She uses the strength of night
To destroy the life of day.

Ms. Vagina loves no one.

She doesn't want love.
She despises it because
Love is submission
Love is a "giving up"
And she submits to no one.

The hearts of many women are pained
Because they sought to use Ms. Vagina
To hold on to a man.
However, she filled them with vain hope
And then laughed in their face as she
Lead their man away to behold HER between
The thighs of another woman.

Ms. Vagina loves no one.

Many men will give gold and diamonds for her.
Many have put their name on the line for her.
They lay their own children's affection down at her feet
And risk losing millions $ for her coveted treats.

She can make a male dream deeply of her.
When he wakes up, his bed sheets may
Testify of her presence upon him.
He goes to work and he imagines her
Beyond the borders of a tight skirt...
And then he offers her a job promotion for
A snake pit of orgasms embedded in destruction.

Ms. Vagina loves no one.

He can be a 6 foot 7 well known basketball player or
A well known preacher who once had no blame.
The President of the United States?
They all have fallen within her gates.

The gates of her eyes,
The gates of her soul,
At the gates of her lips
Men relinquish control.

Women's dreams are destroyed
Because they failed to avoid.
Tender girls have dropped out of school,
Because she made them think like fools.

Ms. Vagina loves no one.

Nations have been destroyed because
Their governments rested on her shoulders.
When she got tired of their weight,
She simply let them felled and watched them crumble.

Men have killed for
The promise of 72 untouched Vaginas...
Not aware that she is one force
That can send a man to hell.
Men have built mansions for her,
Only to have her change the locks
So that they couldn't get in anymore.

Ms. Vagina loves no one.

She's not even my friend.
I am aware of this.
For if she could,
She would betray me with a kiss.
She would cause me to lie down
With a dear friend...then cause him
To stand up and diss me before all men.

She would make me a whore...
Always wanting more.
Though she dwells between my thighs,
I will always realize...

Ms. Vagina loves no one.

No man can escape her, even if he's gay.
For he reshapes her in his mind
Then plaster her image
Between the cheeks of his buttocks.
Thus, no man escapes her, for she is
Always a desire even if only in his soul.

She has given much pleasure, many joys.
Made old men thought that they were young boys.
She can be a foretaste of heaven...holy adorned,
Or the empress of hell in all forms of porn.

Ms. Vagina loves no one.

The strongholds of Ms. Vagina
Cannot be conquered without
A full measure of understanding of
What she is all about.

She is about the pride of life,
She is about the lust of the flesh.
She is about entanglement.
She is the devil's playmate
And the Lord's enemy...there is no heaven for her.

Whatever she controls...she ruins.
She controls with the warmth of her emptiness.
Making a man think he's a playa
When he's actually being played.
For he turns down the love of a good woman
To become a slave to Ms. Vagina.
She leads him like a beggar,
Down many strange paths.

Ms. Vagina loves no one.

The only way to control her
Is to starve her until
She can but whisper a memory.
Her starvation can only come by prayer.
I don't mean a weak prayer either.

Men...pray daily, flee fornication - run quick.
Jump over her candlestick...
Before she lights it.
Cry out to God for deliverance
When her fire is near.
Women pray much because
She will always want to be touched.
When your day arises my sistah and
When your night sets.

Remember...Ms Bad Vagina don't love nobody.

Thus I make a concious effort to
Make mine behave at all times, that
She may be a blessing to me...
Instead of a curse. :angel1:

Copyright 2003 by Joyce Rogers


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Apr 8, 2003
Chicago, IL
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WHAT!!!! JOYCE!!! laid it DOWN! oh, this is such a good flow!:blush: I jus hope mine canbehave never thought of someone writing about it like that. you took it there and signed you're name....hotdarnit, im impressed to no end


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May 23, 2001
SwtT said:
WHAT!!!! JOYCE!!! laid it DOWN! oh, this is such a good flow!:blush: I jus hope mine canbehave never thought of someone writing about it like that. you took it there and signed you're name....hotdarnit, im impressed to no end
Thanks for feeling me on this piece Sis. Your reply inspired me all the more, to know that I did not misbehave in writing this poem. :angel1:



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May 28, 2004
My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You put it down Joyce! Girl this was the truth and I must commend you. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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May 29, 2004
Girl, rape the pen and paper....go on now...take advantage of the gift that has blessed your fingertips...go it again..and again..and again...

I have much respect for you, and your words.... :grouphug:
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