Black People : More black boys being born than girls?


Feb 26, 2005
In my area, which is predominantly black, I have noticed that while it seems there are more females to males for the older generation, the new generation coming up seems to be more male. Even in my own family, the new births seem to be of black boys.

I have talked with others who have agreed with my observation. Has anyone else here on the board noticed this? If things do happen to turn for the next generation, how do you think it would affect the dynamic of relationships and family in the black community?


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
I recently heard that there have always been a higher number of male births than female births. However males have a higher mortality rate than females. Therefore once adulthood is reached, females usually outnumber males. If the rate holds steady, how would in effect relationships in our community? Too soon to tell......


Feb 26, 2005
Well, what I have observed are healthy babies and children, that are likely to reach adulthood.

I think traditionally, there have been more females than males in society because men get killed off in war. For the black community this trend continues because young men get imprisoned or killed off in gangs.

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