Black People : Mist Theatre Opened in Harlem as an Entertainment Ctr


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Jul 7, 2008
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Deardra interviews French actress Stana Roumillac who jumped into the role of ELZA which has become an award winning film and NY Times pick. Elza is the creation of filmmaker Mariette Monpierre, who has been invited to several film festivals around the world. India, Canada, Guadeloupe, France, and Brazil are some of the places where the film has been showcased. Michelle Materre, the Mist Theatre media consultant, talked about the goal of The Mist Theatre and its plan to feature films from Africa and the Caribbean. Art films, as well as commercial films, will be featured. Other projects besides film will also be included in the Mist Theatre catalogue of events.

The film Elza is about a young french caribbean woman who returns to her origin of birth to seek out the father she never knew. Its a poignant film about what happens to children who's fathers abandon them.

Listen to the show. See link:

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