Black People : Missouri political officials react to verdict


Jul 2, 2003
My home town is acting up Racially again.
My sister told me today there are protest downtown, and many streets are blocked off.

ST. LOUIS (AP) - U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay of Missouri says he's outraged by a judge's verdict acquitting a white St. Louis police officer in the shooting death of a black man.

Clay is a Democrat who represents the St. Louis area. He said in a statement Friday that former officer Jason Stockley violated several police department regulations and showed a "total disregard" for Anthony Lamar Smith. He says justice has been "cruelly denied" for Smith, his family and the community.

Lunar Cycle

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Jul 16, 2017
A great majority of White law enforcement officers who are charged in high profile race based crimes under "the color of authority" are electing a magistrates decision vs. a jury trial on the case at hand especially if the officer is intimately known to the magistrate through prior arrest by the officer landing in the magistrates lap of familiarity. Unfortunately prosecutors are loath to kick these cases up to Appeals on a magistrates decision vs. a jury trial because that same magistrate can skew his future decisions that same prosecutor brings before the bench as a personal blowback to the prosecutor questioning his competency. On another note an AK-47 is an extremely "over the top" serious weapon for any police officer to have in his possession on duty without being fully trained and range qualified with certification to prove same and any supervisor up to and including the Chief of Police should have been fired and their law enforcement status permanently decertified if such knowledge was brought to their attention and not having been addressed immediately.

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