Nigeria : Miss World and the Nigeria riots..

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Dec 1, 2001
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I don't know how much you guys have heard but the miss World debacle but...

Amina Nawaal is a Nigerian woman who has been sentenced to stoning after she had a child outside wedlock. In protest of this human right abuses, a number of Miss World contestants decided to boycott the peagent. Now, there have been Anti-miss World Riots which have claimed the lives of over a 100 people in Lagos, one of the major cities in Nigeria.

In reaction to the violence, the Miss World peagent organisers have moved the peagent to London because they fear for the safety of the contestants. But, in the midst of all of question remains...what about Amina? She was at the spotlight of it all and now she has been pushed aside as the peagent goes on and the violence continues. SHe has a right as a woman to decide if she wants to have the child or not! She doesn't have to face stoning..:maddd: :maddd: But nobody is listening...the pulling away of the contestants while the contest was in Nigeria could have helped raise some sort of awareness as to what was happening. But now, life goes on and Amina will die.

What kind of justice is that? :maddd: :maddd:
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