Black Poetry : Minnesota Duplex


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Aug 13, 2004
Ill reply to cats later,

Minnesota Duplex

Five feet from my bedroom,
this isn’t my home
That eviction notice says
this isn’t my home
C17H21NO4 resides so
this isn’t my home

I witnessed how to cook up coke
When some thought it was boiling Pepsi
And when my mother took up dope
Antennas and Brillo pads would fret me
The cylinders with miniature roses
Could only hold smoke
And the aluminum foiled tampons
Couldn’t keep blood warm
And if the rainbow isn’t enuf, you
Can’t write suicide notes with hollow pens
The smell of burnt electrical wires
During an informal family reunion
Fam’s submitting to chemical substance
“Say Uncle, why you let it make you say, ‘uncle’?”
I think I’m loosing control…

Five feet from my bedroom
this isn’t my home
And I’m all confused because
this isn’t my home
Who are these men who claim
this isn’t my home

I wouldn’t hit
Rock bottom and stoop down to their level
And they sold
Rocks on the bottom level down on the stoop
They slang like colloquial language
Instead of riding sky high on high roads
They take the
lowes’ lane and lay in a crypt tonight
Tried to be Supermen
Without Lois Lane and the rays of Kryptonite
Heros who weight with zeros
But even Gangstas overdosin’…
I’ve seen a G’ O.D. without visions of Jesus
I’m tryin’ not to loose control…

I can’t sleep at night because
this isn’t my home
Couldn’t look my mother in her eyes because
this isn’t my home
Had to play a villain in a comic book because
this isn’t my home
this isn’t my home
this isn’t my home that I live in


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Oct 4, 2003
Speechless here, really. What do you say to a child when you have twisted your brain so much with drugs that you have lost everything....Just shaking my head. Showing the feeling linked to this situation through the eyes of a child, you've mastered this piece, and it touched me deeply.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
deep flow on the mist of myth like an over dose
tyte drop


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Oct 26, 2004
Wow...the confusion in this piece is so prevalant. It even got me a bit mixed up. But this was so deep and full of such substance. I also, am speechless really, all i can say is, "keep Em Comin"...1


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May 5, 2003
Seattle, WA
strength coach
This is just unbelievable. You really took me there, in every way. Mad, mad props to you.

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