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kuumba chi nia

Jul 24, 2003
Necessity of Youth to form permanent organization

Revolutionary Greetings,

The youth spark the revolution and that is axiomatic, but if our youth are not in organizations then all the marches in the world will not do us any good. We are not opposed to the MYM. This is a stepping stone. Our mission at a gathering of this caliber should always be to organize, organize, organize.

We who plan on attending need to go armed with revolutionary consciousness and push that the youth ground swell the organizations that are listed. The representatives of the organizations that will attend should push for this with the utmost impetusness.

We need to demand that our youth join our organizations and come this time next year we want more than just a march; but we want to have made some revolutionary gains. Afterall personally, this is a revolutionary Pan-African forum in our personally view, far more than Afrocentric.

Our organization will be represented (AAPRP). We will be about the work of political education and organization. We hope everyone else does the same. And if any of you are not in an organization come help build the AAPRP. You can find us online and locate a Chapter near you.

Now that the call is for Black Power again, we better be prepare to educate the masses on the history most properly and encourage endlessly the unconditional particpation of the youth in organization. This MYM is also a great opportunity to continue the call and push for the African United Front.

And as we move to terminate, we better make sure that our sisters have more of a representation and that their voices are heard as equally well. Women are the subject of our liberation and not the object or our liberation


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May 4, 2003
Kuumba chi nia, Welcome to the forum!!! Its great to have you here....I have to say that I definitely agree with what you're saying..Organization is a must!! Also teaching our people our true history is critical because unfortunatley alot of our people have been deliberately pushed into confusion and we all should be well aware of the effects of confusion. I will be at the march and I hope that others from the Destee community will participate also..

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