Black Poetry : Mic Check 1, 2.


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Dec 20, 2004
The rotten Apple
A+ technician
I leak out Verbal Grafitti
like "beat streat's" character "Spit"
minus the spray can in my hand
just a stage, one mic and that's it
sometimes i don't even need that
just a cypher to simply breathe facts
"yo, Bro. Inf you really god" - from a heckler in the crowd
82:6, next time read psalms before you read Acts
now take a step back and re-lax
before i re-lapse
cause the 18th letter said move the crowd
plus, you never know how my peeps will re-act
i flip thoughts from both hemispheres of the brain
an ambidextrous flow-er
rhymes pass thru my mental ark
by the two's like noah
Sometimes i drop 'em fast
sometimes a little slower
regardless, when i clutch the M.I.C.
i got the grip of a Boah
Friends blanket me with their love
haters plot way off in the distance
like Ya'shua ben Yo'sef
I guess they both bear me witness
Like most of us love El- Hajj to death
but thru death, he loved us some of us to life
now which one do you think is more trife
"but even on bad days when things go wrong bro. inf
you still write", Right
my only hopes is that
someone out there can use it
so i just put it in the air
in other words i blue tooth it
organized confusion
be my method of choice
soon to be strictly telepathic
no longer using my voice
I already speak in third person
as i prefer the dark streets over the lights on broadway
maybe it's from flowin' in the dark back in the day
with no lights in my project hallway
with my partner beat boxin' on the stairwell door
long before brother Info.
long before studying the moors
long before i became inter-galactic
long before the Fugies wrote "the score"
long before i learned what Astral projection was
around the third time i woke up on the floor
before i was scared to go to sleep cause of what i'd just seen
and convinced myself i couldn't have just saw
and was like "hell to the naw"
right around the first time
i had read my first mind though
shortly after i heard the words "God, cypher, Divine" yo
friends noddin' their heads to the beat, as i'd give a "yes, yes ya'll
1, 2 - check my rhyme flow"

Bro. Info © 2010

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