Black Relationships : MGTOW -Are you guys feeling that?


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Feb 26, 2013
It matters not if I agree. If men's sexual energy is not channeled, it becomes destructive. That's simply how it works. History is replete with examples. You could also look at the black community in the inner cities. What are many of those young men doing?
Yeah, it kinda does matter, because I'd like to know where you stand on that. I'd like to know if you feel such an entitlement is justified, if you even feel it's there at all. That's why I asked.

And you're telling me about men's sexual energy as if I initially disagreed about how strong the instinct is in males. I didn't disagree, because I know. I've had first hand experience on that destructive, non-channeled energy.

You are using the term misogyny as a cover to protect your investment and position based on your feelings.
I call it as I see it.

Point-by-point refutation means more to be than a blanket statement without support based on feeling.
I'm using it because that's what I see, and unless your posts are cleared of it, I can't see how much of what you're posting makes actual sense and isn't just ill-willed harbored toward American females.

Oh, is that... what this is?
One of many truths of the red pill is that no woman will ever appreciate the challenges or sacrifices that a man or men in general go through or make.
Some men have an easier time accomplishing their biological directives than others. Those men who are tall, charming, attractive and/or other attributes don't really work for what they achieve. They merely achieve their success do to favorable biological outcomes. This can cause resentment in those who struggle. This resentment can be directed at either those guys are successful or women.

However you may feel concerning entitlement, men will seek out their biological directives one way or another however creative (or deceptive) such men may need to be.
I figured it'd go without saying that if he's willingly given sex, even without having to work for it or being verbally promised it, it's still not a problem(not with me, anyway). If someone wants to sleep with someone for no reason at all or on looks or money alone, that's their choice. :10500: I don't give a ish.

Yeah, I figure it would. It seems that's what some of these MGTOW men are being fueled on.

I know my feelings aren't going to change how people interact with one another, but it's still messed up how they do each other dirt and can't just be upfront. It saves so much time, money, invested feelings, and energy. But I guess the American populace has simply gotten too comfortable.


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Feb 19, 2001
That is part of it. The cacophony of changes over the last 100 years is coming to a head.
We will all discover how sustainable this current model is.

For ideas of where society in general is headed there is the black community as it currently stands, the hikikomori of Japan, sharp rise in homosexuality; polyamory; bigamy; polygamy, complete collapse of society (like the fall of Rome) or some mixture of the aforementioned.

You are even seeing subtle pushes for open hypergamy. We'll see if many men bite for this, but I strongly doubt it.

Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but large groups of scorned men working in unison can (and historically have) reduced states and societies to complete rubble.

Kids tend to rebel against the power structure. And for many, from birth, the power has been female. I predict you will see a sharp rise in abuse and rape. This tends to put things in their place. I submit the beginnings of this are in the Taliban and Islamic groups



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Mar 1, 2010
1. You are placing the women as the center. How about a man place himself as the center? This is MGTOW. He has integrity to himself first.
Women are the center. Women breast feed not men. Women nuture. Women do more with less.
Yes I'm a man and I realize women are the glue that holds it all together.

integrity to himself first lol then they wonder why they can't get a woman. lol

the irony here is mind boggling.
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