Black Relationships : MGTOW -Are you guys feeling that?


Aug 28, 2015

Men/Man Going Their Own Way.

MGTOW is basically the statement of self-ownership and saying that only you have the right to decide what your goals in life should be.

It is saying that, as a man I will not surrender my will to the social expectations of women and society, because both have become hostile against masculinity.
Male 1: Dude, why don't you have a girl friend?

Male 2: Its not for me bro, I'm a MGTOW.



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Mar 1, 2010
Real men know what's expected. Real men have no problem, boys do.


Aug 28, 2015
Real men know what's expected. Real men have no problem, boys do.
I was wondering if this is a white boy thing. First you have the MRA now you have the MGTOW. As BW we never whined like feminist did, so we would be a little impatient with these guys. But, before I cast judgment, I need someone to really explain what are they whīning about.

Where's Kem? Betcha he knows. Here we have white men, who rule the whole **** planet, yet they feel oppressed? I don't get it.

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