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Enensa Aunghk

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Aug 16, 2007
True, the meditations are most effective if you can do them for 21 days consecutively and then relax a little bit and check your progress.

I had to take a local class on meditation from AAS in my area in order to get it right. It took some practice!

However there was one very key thing that I learned from learning to meditate.

I learned that waking, sleep, and daydreaming, heart rate, etc. are controlled by involuntary parts of my mind (or whatever) however, many involuntary functions in your body can be controlled indirectly if you know where the "switch" is.

And a major switch for where you consciousness or awareness is focused is your breathing. There's a whole chapter on the harmonics of breath in the Metu Neter but I didnt' understand any of it until I began using it.


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Sep 12, 2006
Long Island NY
I've been looking for the book where RUNA lists the descriptions of all the personality types, and his explanation of the reasoning of mastering them all. (I haven't completely forgotten why, I just want to review over this) I have a few of his books here with me and I plan on getting my Metu Neter Vol. 1 back tomorrow to see if it's in there. If anyone knows could you help a bro out. :read:



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Dec 11, 2006
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Enensa Aunghk said:
If you read the book it says that the cards communicate with the Tehuti part of your spirit. In other words that is your direct telephone line to the Tehuti sphere.

This is a good question because, remember, there are all sorts of methods or casting of lots or cards, and they don't all act as "telephones" for the same parts of your spirit or the same levels of consciousness or the same entities.
Meditation is the same- some techniques are for the Heru aspect, some are for the Seker-t aspect of your being. Another example: some meditation techniques used in martial arts and qi qong are aimed at what was called the khaibit in Kamit. I can strengthen my aura and do all kinds of things with it, but that is not necessarily the same as wisdom.

So simply because the person can meditate and get insight doesn't automatically mean that it is coming from that high part of the spirit, or that they can do it CONSISTENTLY (all day long, under any circumstances, during sleep, etc.). You have to look at what type of meditation are you doing, what are the thoughts you are putting in your mind, how are you cultivating your energy, etc.

To test this you may do readings on that insights that you get from meditation, and follow or not follow the reading.[/QUOT

Question about the cards,

Do initiates/readers of the metu neter read the cards themselves or do they consult a reader?
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