Food Discussion : Men Like Fried Chicken!!!


Dec 20, 2004
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now the oven fried style....can i use cornflakes or fried onions to cover the chicken as i bake it?
Cornflakes? Ya'll on some next level thang right now.

I'mma chill in da cut with a pad and a pen. :read:

When it comes to chicken i usually don't get to experimental, except when i make wings for a party or having people over to watch a game or something.. That's when i pull out the cinnamon and have people darn near biting their fingers off trying to get that last little morsel of meat right between the bones where the joints connect.........


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Jan 30, 2012
okay....cinnamon on chicken wings? now this is new to me...and all this time i've put honey barbecue sauce on it..

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