Black Relationships : Meeting/Dating someone from the internet


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Dec 12, 2002
Has anyone ever done so? If so, when talking to a guy/girl on line, and on the phone and all that stuff, how can you tell if he is truly interested in you? Or can you tell at all? I've heard 'success' stories about meeting people. I've heard horrible stories about it. And I have heard about those who had bad experiences, and then came across that 'right' one who is finally legit. How can you tell you are getting played with and if they're actually for real about you?

Well here's my situation in case you're curious as to why I asked the question aforementioned. I've had my share of messed up experiences meeting a guy from the internet. So I took a break from it for a while I've been talking to someone for a few months now. I actually like this guy, for real because he seems to understand how I operate, as I understand him. We live in separate states, but within reasonable driving distance once we get ready to meet in person which will be in November. We used to talk a lot, but now we don't talk as much. Yet he says he's very interested in me, and that he has a feeling that things are going to work out between us.

Well here's a little scoop on him. He's a correctional officer, who has said that he had got out of a relationship with a girl a couple of months ago due to the fact that he suspects foul play on her end. Yet, they still keep in touch. He has a son, which he has asked if me and him were together, would I accept that fact he has a son. Him and the child's mother talk to keep in touch as far as the child, or so he says, so I don't say much about that. However, just a few days ago, his page says he was engaged. I brought it to his attention and he was all calm and cool about it, saying that he doesn't know how it got like that, and he said he was going to do something about that once he gets the chance to get back online. But going back to the girl I mentioned that he dated prior to talking to me, I ran across her page as well, and it says that she is engaged to this man and she has a photo of her and him together. His page doesn't have photos like that, just photos of him. I ask him how often does he talk to her and he said every other day but they don't talk long. So I said okay.

We've seen each other on cam and it's obvious he lives alone. We used to talk for hours and now we only talk for like an half an hour at the most. He also recently said he is going to take on a job as a bouncer at a club, so that is going to take more time away from us talking, and I told him I was concerned about that. He explained to me that that is not going to effect us, and went on to say that he is taking on this additional job to make up the difference in funds he loses when it comes to bills, and that he is only going to be working two nights per week. Adding to that, he said that he will call me at every break he can get just like he does at his current job. I ask him questions to make sure I'm not setting myself up for failure....again! He says I could ask him anything, just be ready for an answer... So far he seems to have an answer ready when I ask him questions, but my thing is how to know if he is lying or playing games.... oh and by the way, he says he doesn't have time for games because he doesn't want that done to him.

Sorry this got lengthy but I didn't think I could get any sleep until I got that off my chest, but going back to the question I asked at the beginning in case you got lost in my thread, how can you tell when someone is truly interested in you? I mean there has to be some way to tell, because like I said, there have been success stories where no one was playing games, despite the situations they could be in, like the one I mentioned in this thread. Also, what are THE questions I should ask him that will help me determine whether or not he's real or he needs to be let go.... Thanks for those who read this!!!!!

Jan 22, 2001
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Sister Legit-Writer ... peace and blessings ... :love:

I think it's great that you are asking questions, seeking counsel, advice, guidance, in what could be a life threatening situation.

Very very good Sister! :)

My advice is to be very careful, and realize, that ANYONE CAN SAY ANYTHING with their mouth.

Just because a person says a thing, does not mean it is true.

Therefore, in addition to what they say, you should have some additional, supporting evidence, to go along with those words.

Here are some threads i started, that sorta speak to this topic. You might find info in them helpful.

Have You Had Sex With Someone You Met Online?

Getting Her Sex The First Time You Meet

Just be careful Sister. Don't make it easy for someone to take advantage of you, your hope, your kindness, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, etc.

Love You!




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Apr 21, 2007
A dawg is a dawg online or offline...

I've met guys that I've dated from online...To me they are no different then someone I've met offline.

People can make up stuff anywhere they want. It is easier to do it online and if they live far away. But that's a risk you take.

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