Black Poetry : Meet Smooth (cinquain)


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
That Smooth
sure is somethin'
struttin' down the street, all
shiny and new, on long lanky

wrapped in
well worked muscles
that seem to dare his pants
inseams to stay sewed. And his skin!
Lord knows,

His skin
looks like freshly
churned butter, spread over
home baked bread hot out the oven.
And when

he smiles
those little dips
in his cheeks dance beside
his glowing white teeth, that outshine

Chile, when
that man's moist lips
move and he speaks! His deep
baritone voice soars 'cross the air,

my ears
like i-vor- y
keys on a piano
sending a river of shivers

my thighs.
And Smooth's charcoal
kissed eyes seem to make love
to the sky then open heaven's
gate wide. Where God; Himself, says, "YES!"
I am

most pleased
with you my child.
Now, he's down on one knee
in front of me, he reaches in-
to his

no this can't be.
Is that a ring?
Ring. Hello? Thanks. I overslept

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