Medical Wisdom: Let us share our knowledge.

Dual Karnayn

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Nov 5, 2005
Over the years I've been intrigued by the relationship with chemicals, metals, vitamins, and minerals on the body.

I've experimented with so many different nutrients that it has blown my mind how ignorant the average population is when it comes to disease and human health.

To name just a few:

Milk creates excess mucus in the body and makes some people cough a lot, while giving others diarreah.

Omega 3 Acids makes you smarter and makes your nerves respond quicker.

Calcium makes your muscles stronger...and too much can constipates you.

Magnesium makes your muscles more relaxed...and too much gives you diarreah.

There are many other things I found out from reading and experimenting.
This is why I sincerely believe there is no disease that can't be cured.

What bits and pieced of medical wisdom have YOU acquired over the years for the benefit of our health and well-being?


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Oct 21, 2005
A Cure For Everything..........

For every natural ailment, nature has a cure.......vs. these modern day man made diseases which only a scientist can revert. I've also noticed that stress can make you ill, too much strain on the psyche can cause an imbalance in immune system. Recent studies show stress to be one of the main causes of "premature" death in AIDS victims. Metals act as a transmitter of energies. Ever been shopping, and got a sudden shock as you touch a metal shelf, or your shopping cart. I hate suprises like that, so I carry a damp paper towel to kill the ener-surge:wink:. Here's an appetite buster: It is rumored that urine is good for the skin, probably because it contains many excreted vitamins and nutrients. Baking soda water is good for colicky infants, it pushes gas from the body. Just a pinch of it per 8 oz. Steaming the face over boiling hot water works miracles, just make sure you smear the face with ice cubes to close the pores. Prunes and green apples serve well as a laxative.

Omowale Jabali

The Cosmic Journeyman
Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
Creative Industrialist
Two preventive measures to prevent diabetes and prostrate cancer.

Daily dosage of Chromium to lower tricylceride levels and Saw Palmetto to prevent enlarging of prostrate.

On another note, eliminate cheese from diet to reduce inflammation and mucus buildup in inclimate weather.

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