Black Poetry : May see whack in college but be in contact with knowledge don't have time to track garbage try be co


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May 11, 2006
May see whack in college but be in contact with knowledge don't
have time to track garbage try be complex and true and lie next
to truth, never stress too clever forever blessed to be better text
a letter to the whack, my Ebonics keen with electronic means
shower at night with the power of sight a tower light seem to beam
love is a phenomenon and suspense it take common sense and team
to handle it wow can' t gamble a bit, my voice dense but I have horse
sense because I can buck and my plan and luck guide me by choice
come to girls I itch for sweets which keep me in search for a chick
end up rapping to lunch and eating some Captain Crunch like picnic
kids you see so where did I go wrong? And my flow strong and quick
I desire cakes and inquire about dates there's an empire of fakes I have
to get around stand in the way of my love talk see a chick I have to grab
using vocab out of love books one hug can cook a cake stay in the lab
coming with new stuff after the use of test tube I'm in the best mood
to get a girl and yet hurl bedsheets around she's sweet and brown food
for a date, my heart be stout have to see about getting a kiss oh wow
she's probably gonna hung tongue down my throat hey body somehow
brown smoke I love you is a renown quote this could end up an affair
in bed because she have a pair of red lips and I've fed love scripts that bears
hot meaning but not screaming much body gleaming to touch this girl tease
me so please see my desire being played out in love talk my body jest freeze
get a stronger hummer use my cell phone you be like DONNA
SUMMER a “bad girl” make her “my girl” while eating LORNA
DUNE cookies they not for rookies, far as the game knock off
the dust try justify my skills, make them equal to a legal crew false
stuff won't do so don't screw me up with this one like RICK ROSS
I'm quick to get lost, it's sleep week and I see some sweet meat wet
and soft and I'm ready to set it off not ready to get lost wow no threat
promote love and hope for the club wanna dope hug I must talk to her
“so boo we in VIRGINIA BEACH at LOWES with flows and it grows more
intense I'm hardcore convinced that we can work it out at your front door
we can sketch an outline and go fetch some wine and spend some time
at my crib advance in HIPHOP then romance at the tiptop we can rewind
and skip a lot of the bularky, we can rock a fly story and occupy territory
at your home so be hardcore and strong in the bed for us both it mandatory
so lend me your ear and love will begin to appear we can end the year
being lovers my heart not empty its fill and CHIMNEY HILL is right here
across ROSEMONT ROAD, our affair planned gonna use my bare hand
to attack with hugs and will smack thugs trying to be your boyfriend stand
accused of loving you like ISAAC HAYES, HOLLAND ROAD out front
just saw a drop top roll by but girl my goal is pie never told a lie or stunt
about that, jest true friction like the NEW EDITION “A little Bit of Love”
I can git in the club

I'll admit I git hot a lot but not on the spot and do love HIPHOP
got cake and breast and do wanna make progress mind can't stop
love rule in force in school took a course on how to please a boy
didn't learn anything guess I have to earn a ring let love confirm
things and really it's my turn to sling love about, my hair in a perm
I'm a dame that's major you approach to gain favor got a plain pager
to contact my boyfriend and he'll give you and attack blend on life
so lets end the strife and begin nice my body itching want a love knife
to slice my cake you want me and advice to take home there's a price
when I walk absurd boys heard the noise wanna come out and play
they wanna huff and puff while the dust fly enough to justify and stay
on bedroom status I need flower in red bloom apparatus, what can I say?
Now I'm at LOWES and there's flowers inside plus I have the power
to ride in your drop top with hot brown thighs and renown pies that tower
above other girls and boys love to swirl them in bed then take a shower
bold extreme how a whole team of boys try holler at me time for the dog
collar I see may get a scholar and a degree for this but many left in the fog
so I throw butt and boys wanna blow up my do-nut like DUNKINS they be
jumping on the glazed part, a tremendous scolding, continuous folding of free
bedsheets and my lips are red heat, brown proud and stout that deserve a loud
shout, but no excuse think you wanna cut loose and kiss my lips and crowd
me with your love, by the way I'm sweet today and must sneak away from
this one dumb kiss could cause a situation, got absurd stats, heard that some
girls are trapped when a boy hurl rap in their ears Im aware and fears love talk
they'll pull up your dress, try suck breast its best to jest duck the stress
hot and recognize but not surprised boys plot disguise and they dress
alert, my perfume great don't need a roommate unless the rent overdue
my shades tint blue so I went through some stuff using my shoulder to
to hold my bra strap so far your rap is gracious you wanna gone and anoint
my lips huh? These love talk scripts hurl but you can skip out on a girl point
made, my cake is adored like your skateboard it's got rollers, look about your
hormones I'm a concern female and can't jest turn tail and run, but can't pour
my honey out and let you bust it open on the backseat either feel me dude?
I mean you wear complex bling this is true and sex maybe the sensible rude
thing to do, but not in this case it's a shock to begin with lace right off the bat
I can see straight but can't flee or escape this boy be out for cake my doormat
getting worn out from boy approach wearing a toy broach that could be a medallion
no doubt you wear tims and ready to go out on a limb and may fall off being a stallion
this funk is lame ready to jump out of a plane and be a cute with a parachute
with jump boots black it's an absolute fact you wanna kiss my lips and go cahoots
on my thing, your flows raw like a proposed law and I'm a female no doubt but
I can't bail you out that easy even make love is phat and greasy

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