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Jul 18, 2013
brooklyn ny
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Todays mathematics is Knowledge God Borns Build. With Knowledge you can either build or destroy. We can build our own communities, we can build our families stronger, we can build better bridges with the school systems and parents for better results and we can destroy the evil in our communities, destroy the hate that keeps us from progressing, destroy the ignorance used by the enemy to keep us blind. Niechez described a time when the proletarians will excell over the bourgeois, not through replacing the bourgeois but by using the weapons of the ruling class for their own favor through the creation of their own culture. That is what hip hop was in the 1980's. Words that were meant to dehumanize found value and glory in hip hop. Conditions that were meant to keep people down was used as lyrics to put wealth into our pockets. Useless skills were now being put to use in this capitalist society.However in the mid 90's the greatest voices of hip hop was silenced and we allowed the ruling class to infiltrate our newly created culture through corporate backing as a way to further uneducate, mislead and destroy our children. We must build a new culture we must use Knowledge and God to Build our futures and Destroy any obstacles. Knowledge God Borns Build.
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