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Jan 15, 2003
Brooklyn N. Y.

It doesn't appear my blood, has a mind of its on, the holy places upon the land has went to hell, the elders who live upon the prisons, there knowledge has become non envois, oh dear lord the devil who sits upon the earth, as the spirit gathers together, the spirit has no form, oh thy God, we the ancestral of your tribes, give me the wind to blow my children to the other side, war I declare upon my tribe, treason by there own right hands, a thirsting for knowledge my children cry upon the land, The voices and instructions was given when you cross the other side, I have taken your pain to bring you to the other side, oh thy children of the earth. I shall never find peace until you be the leaders of a generation, which you close your eyes, I cry beyond the grave, that you are summons to bring my roots across to another world. The slave master has implanted the seed much to deep, murder of self, and the murder of the inheritance of the black genes.

Within the pits of darkness my soul has gone to hell.
Chains upon the bars, the voices screams out loud.
Gray walls upon my feet. Card board boxes that centers
The prison as I sleep. Captivity is now my domain
The sources of my dismay have caught up with me.
I woman have succeeded the walls of slavery,
I relive my history, nevertheless my right hand has
Defeated my face.

Colorless upon the destiny which I have chose
The walls of darkness is now my new home.
My soul that lives within confinement.
Asylum the soul that lives within a institutionalize
Strategy of a slow death.
prisoner of war censorship
private-enterprise I have relived
the slave chambers of my own dismay.
Cell block 10 war zone within my own horror of sin.

A woman who lives for the world and sale her soul to sin.
Is a woman who walks the world with a tunnel vise mind
considered as the walking dead.
I have chosen my fate.
A woman who embrace murder or hate,
death becomes a challenge I live within the belly of the beast,
within the actions of the beast,
behind every reaction there is an effect.

Un-controlling infernos longing for connection.
Thy destiny has chosen my path,
the soul smells of death.
Darkness who walks with pride, murder the killing
of a new world order, death to the young, abomination,
the slaughter of mind, shall have no mercy upon God
house, death to the womb, and abolishment of woman and man,
Power in defense for spiritual freedom.
Civil rights and human rights go hand and hand.

I woman have slain my sister, I now must repent.
Within the walls of death I lay.
Never again shall I claim the righteousness
Of the crown which I forfeited selling my
Soul to the diversions of satans game.

This mind, through endless pain; without heritage, has never varied. It has never redirected its future; and darken the sources of any hope of survival, it refuses to live, lived or died, sight or darkness, decreased nevertheless shall it excreted, Infinity resurrection of the mind, good or evil, nevertheless, the past; reality are denial, Womb man, Man; manifestation of God’s orders to live, and to dye, under the laws written upon the script, the laws of life.
It's not male or female. The righteous is the destruction of a mask less tribe

Maternity has tarnished my seed.
I birth the child from heaven
And delivered him in a 8/11 cell
I sit upon my cage with my hand on my head.

Remilitarization only if I could have lived
By the words of God. My soul would not
Belong to darkness, I would be free.
Nevertheless I must now feel the pain.
Of my disobedience to God as well as self.
It is now to late I must pay the poor per
My life no longer belongs to me.
Remissible of tears shall not be herd.​


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
this was an awesome scribe sista love how u draw a reader in
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