Black Poetry : MANY TIMES


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May 11, 2006

Some cats have a random spouse need to abandon house
But can’t got wife and kids would be nice if he did aroused
Forced to divorce now your source on course to find another
Was a blind brother for awhile things got bazaar and wild lover
Wanted, couldn’t control the passion in to bold fashion ROCCAWEAR
On the block everywhere who dare wear anything else so props and cares
For them, got soul queens with holes in their jeans I just stop and stare
Strong on microphones debate cats and devastate with stats take bats
And bang heads lots of slang said, brains dead left on a floor mat
KABOOM! Grab a broom look who walked into the room a HEADLESS
HORSEMAN with corrupt strife had to duck his knife a misled mess
My brain remain fixed in this lame mix make the game send a twix
Prevail wait for an E-MAIL, of the best of my ability impress
The Silly while stressed out in Philly, got my Tim kicks on no less
Than sick in this song quick with the ding dong like a doorbell
Hardcore as hell, some these cats plot wrong and it’s not strong
While I’m in a hot zone holding a cell phone hell its on even at home
Turn on the TV watch the MVP and it’s Duke college its drastic yall
With a basketball they puke knowledge stay corrupt making layups tall
Center isa winner because he can slam dunk on a **** punk he play all
Positions so BUTLER need to attend RUTGER and learn the law about
Hoops now the whole group have to do a bold stoop to DUKE I’m out


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Mar 21, 2001
yeah they stoop to Duke and just there butler now !
it was a crazy finish that left them deminish and teary
who would have ever known
i'm gone !!!!!
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