Black Poetry : mantra: rush-over (dedicated to ga_sunshyne)


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Jun 15, 2002
belly of the sun
****, why you gotta be all up in my sh*t?
my feet burn from
tunisian sands
...can you,
soak them in your balm for me?

i am weary from battles away from you
...may I
gently spread your legs & find my

i wonder about the first time...we kissed in the future...when i felt your comfort me in our hugs. I haven't looked into your eyes...and still...i find that you have clairvoyance...voyaging into parts of be lived...but they live for you. you are becoming my woman...queen...better yet, my bestfriendlover...i can't keep my dreams dry...any longer...when i think of your frame...quietly moaning...on top of me...and etching yourself into my visions become wet...and they beg...for you to bathe in them...

my hands
...from trying to maintain a hold on happiness
...can you,
allow me to let go around you
...and finally be free?

my heart pitter-pats
and keeps the secret of you
in my throat in serene suffocation
...can i
open your lips
give you
the perfect kiss, let my tongue
touch you right...there...
can i, darling i can finally breathe
and exist?

laid out on your queen bed...nothing but panties around your waist...and poetry...being stirred down...there, moistening for me. i can smell the words being baked in...between...legs that demand light nibbles...and massages. you smile...noticing my growing **** you...and maintain our the same time. I...slide between your thighs...slightly pressing up against your door...and i cannot hold back my you...back-massage-moans out of me...grab hold of me, darling...and slip me in.

my eyes
...from the pain of dead friends & loneliness
...can i,
cry on your shoulders and
be manly the same time?

my mind wanders in different thoughts you mind if I
focus all of my genius &
brilliance upon you
...and hope to create something
eternally ours to protect
and cherish?

i can feel you...gyrating your grinds...onto me...slowly...opening yourself up i can penetrate....mmmmm, deeper. my hands...parting your *** as you still...ride me quietly. *sigh*...mmmmm...can i...please...sit up & put your left nipple...into my mouth? scratch you on your back? free with possibly shed a tear...if the intimacy takes us there?

i want you to...put all of me into your mouth...swirl my blackness...salivate over my hardness...lick up & down my egyptian mentality.

I want you my expressions & smile at my...struggle for air...when my poetry perhaps...taps the back of your throat...and let the late night air...whistle into you...when your *** silenty spreads...a little...a little...mmmmm, a little more.

I want you to...touch anticipation of my slow...thick...push into your *****.

during our first...pharaoh mind is begging to send the my **** i might perhaps...splash the inside of you...with pent-up emotion. make me cum, love...please...i want it to...rush over you.

my mouth is parched
from lonely nights without my
...can i
fall to my knees & drink you
let your
**** swell on my bottom lip
...can i, so i may
replenish my energy?

my fingers
to be stained with your ink
...may i
push back your fleshy lips &
slowly, and with love, rotate
my middle finger,
thrusting it
...may i touch that spot,

say it with me, boo...

i am your mensah
you are my mantra
i am your mensah
you are my mantra
i am your mensah
you are my
bouncing playfully on top of me
to pump it all out of me
to feel my orgasm contractions
to quake hard
mmmmm...and make my waist wet...
and soaking our sheets in
sinfully delectible deeds. you...

and your becoming an extension...of my

deep need to lick your cream

...and whisper to you...



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Mar 14, 2001
The PeAcH State
Lover of Words

you... got... me. :kiss:

you know how much i adore "mantra"!! :)
& if everyone on the page took the time to read
it to the end... they would love it too! :) it's a
wonderful peace... even with all the ****'s... :lol:
& it's part of my top 3 "pieces written by you for me"
collection. thank you for posting it!

i'm loving you. (endless-ly)



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Jan 8, 2002
I bow to the eloquence...this masterwork takes my mind to the birthplace of civilization, just east of Eden, and brings me to my knees on the banks of the Nile.

Go head on and testify! "mantra"....whoooooooo! Too Tough!!




Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
wow!!! simply lovely dis piece is touchie..........

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