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Sep 29, 2005
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By The Times, Updated: 2013-12-20
Elders say Mandla is head of Mandela family
Tribal elders endorse Nelson Mandela's grandson, Mandla, as the new legitimate head of the Mandela family.

TRIBAL elders have endorsed Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Mandla, as the new legitimate head of the Mandela family, despite eldest daughter Makaziwe being punted for the position by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.


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Jan 14, 2005
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I would say overwhelmed but not overmatched because he and his party out maneuvered the Boers and the White Nationalists. The international campaign against apartheid effectively used Mandela as a figurehead and economic sanctions forced the nationalists to crack.
The release of Mandela and others, the unbanning of what was left of the ANC and others, these actually came earlier than any realized. My Dad passed the same year Mandela was released and he had told me one time I would not live to see the end of apartheid in South Africa.

It's the one thing he told me that I can say he was wrong about, and that might be the only thing.

I too was at one time thinking Mandela sold us out, but then I started researching closer the events leading to his divorce with sister Winnie.

Mandela was a smart dude. He got out of politics with a relatively clean record, and the only people with any dirt against him are his ex wives and the girls that he fathered but never developed much of a bond with him.

I'm more of a Steve Biko "ideologue", but got no beef with Nelson Mandela. It has been a long, but not easy walk to freedom.
Why are you of all people STILL believing THEIR mass media HYPE [underlined above], didn't you read my thread entitled
How many of YOU KNOW the real reason Nelson Mandela was freed?

Why shouldn’t WE use Nelson Mandela’s death to promote the TRUTH as he tried to [which the mass media generally, their mass media specifically has so efficiently repressed to date] with regard to the manner in which thousands of Cubans paid with their lives to make political freedom a reality for non-whites in general, the indigenous peoples of African ethnicity specifically in Southern Africa?

Haven’t you noted the manner in which their mass media TODAY is STILL attempting to say that Apartheid collapsed/Mandela was freed due to pressure/economic sanctions/white benevolence, which were a SHAM weren’t they in that the USA, UK and the west were covertly supporting South Africa’s Apartheid regime [a fact that only Maggie Thatcher was EVER honest about, with David Cameron part of a group of Conservative MP’s publicly lobbying for Nelson Mandela to be hanged] as opposed to the very comprehensive manner in which a modern white army was CRUSHED by a modern comparably equipped non-white/African army in Angola in 1987/8, breaking formal Apartheid in South Africa’s back?

Were you all previously aware of the FACT that formal Apartheid in South Africa [its informal now like in the USA/UK and most of the West] only ended up reeling on the ropes due to the debacle that resulted from the South African Expeditionary Army assisting UNITA led by Jonas Savimbi forces push on Angola’s capital Luanda, being stopped by the MPLA Cuban coalition’s forces at Cuito Carnevale in 1987; when the Cuban piloted MIG’s achieved air superiority, along with the Soviet tanks driven by the coalition’s forces encircling the South African Expeditionary Army/UNITA counter offensive at T’Chipa in 1988 was the knockout blow, wasn’t it?

When the Neo-NAZI White Supremacist racist Afrikaner NUTCASES tried to regroup, beat the count, the far more astute than most white South African youth cut them down, by refusing to be conscripted/recruited en mass into the bloodbath Angola was poised to become for the South African Expeditionary Army [now that their dream of driving the 55 000 Cuban volunteers funded by Gaddafi/Libya assisting the MPLA into the sea, was in tatters]; which was when the negotiations to free Namibia/dismantle formal Apartheid began; in Cairo; all of which is general knowledge in Angola, Namibia and South Africa, but has NEVER EVER been published in the rest of the world, has it [isn’t the mass media spectacularly efficient at hiding white defeats]?

Nelson Mandela, to his credit attempted to publicly project and promote the TRUTH as underlined by his first foreign trip after being freed from jail being to Havana, where he very publicly thanked Fidel Castro and the Cuban people for their HUGE contribution to the African liberation struggle generally, in South Africa specifically, what could Mandela do about the Western mass media imposing a total NEWS BLACKOUT of both his visit and Fidel Castro's subsequent visit to South Africa [due to him accepting Nelson Mandela's so personal invitation] where he was thanked by the ANC in South Africa's Parliament [all of which you could have viewed for yourself up until recently on You Tube/but those videos have since been deleted]?

When THEY attempted to challenge Nelson Mandela with regard to this trip to very personally thank Fidel Castro and the Cuban people for their so HUGE contribution to him eventually being freed from prison in South Africa; Nelson Mandela said “You cant tell me who my friends are”!

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

Omowale Jabali

The Cosmic Journeyman
Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
Creative Industrialist

Why do you keep repeating yourself?

You're not telling me anything that I don't know and your spamming has become redundant.

From 1978-1990, up to Mandela's release, I organized South African and Azanian Solidarity Day programs and worked with every major liberation movement across sectarian lines starting with the MPLA in Angola and Frelimo in Mozambique, both of which are Ancestral homelands. So you can save the lectures.

For years I have been educating my community concerning Mandela, Biko, Sobukwe, et al in addition to working with the Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko foundations. I'm a consultant with a start up foundation based in Soweto which was recently established by a former secretary-general of the BCM who grew up playing soccer and organizing with Steve Biko.

What can you tell me about Madiba that I don't already know? Perhaps you can meet me in Los Angeles and conduct some community forums and teach ins to the Afrikan students and youth where I'm based.

You still have not advanced from the days of aol black voices and black planet. lol! You keep coming with the same tired rants.

Wake up Orisons! The movement has passed you by and caught you sleeping. For one, I don't rely on mass media and their revisionist storytelling concerning Madiba. I learned what Madiba was about from one of my university professors who was one of Afrika's most noted poet laureates who at one time was the leading organizer in the international community for the ANC.

What can you tell me about the REAL Nelson Mandela? The Mandela who orchestrated an armed struggle from his jail cell in Robben Island? What can you tell me about the role his Thembu Elders played in founding the ANC and Ethiopian movement in Southern Africa? What can you tell me about the military training and support he got from my Oromo Elders in the early 60s and the military training camps he was instrumental in establishing in Ethiopia and Tanzania?

I think you need to spend more time addressing those among us who are spitting on Mandela's grave and denouncing him as a sell out. But I'm not the one. Mayibuye!
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