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Nov 2, 2005
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JaylaMaria111 said:
I guess I have some positive attributes, everybody does. Maybe my positive attritubes isn't what draws most men in. I don't know. I've come to believe that some people just have the gift of gab or certain aura about them that makes it easier for them to make friends and find companionship. Maybe they're just lucky. While others like me have to struggle. I never liked being single, and the one relationship I did have, I felt more fulfilled and content with myself. I think being single is a coping mechanism. I'm trying my hardest to cope. I've never been truly happy being single, I am defintely the type that is by far much happier when I feel loved and in a relationship.
Sweety Listen, If not to us Then Listen to yourself.....All you keep saying is a MAN
" I don't know, MEN"
"This MAN"
It is Saddening, and I mean that fromt he heart
WHat iis Making the words man come out of your Mouth?(fingers or whatever)
Maybe that is Why you are never happy and/or it never works out....BECAUSE YOU NEED TO LEARN TO LOVE BEING WITH YOURSELF FIRST
Go On A Blind Date Wih Jayla Worry About WHat Jayla Is Doing.....Worry About WHat Jayla Said....Worry About What JAYLA Looks For. You are sooooo insecure
Listen to the word IN-SECURE Your SECURITY WITHIN YOURSELF Is Ruptured.....I do Not See You trying to repair it...I see You thinking a "MAN" Is going to worry about it
Well The Worry about it alright!! They are worryig You will get some Confidence in yourself, because then You wont be their pet anymore
Get into a Relationship with the Classmate Okay?

But I am gojng to tell you whats gonna Happen
Everything will be fine For the FIrst few Weeks......You are going to surrender to him like aint no tommorrow....the after that you sho aint that good-looking
Then after that OH MY!!!! HE SLEPT WITH A LIGHTSKNNED GIRL!!!!!:qqb020:
"I am sooo hurt...I dont know What to do.......I've always felt unpretty, Ive always Battle insecurities." SAME OLD STORY
I was like appalled with the Excuses you made.....Instead of stnding up for YOURSELF and Saying "YEAH Let me go cut Old Boy Off""PERIOD" And being Liberated just ANTICIPATING being strong for yourself....You started, " I used to like him, I dont know, I uess he likes llight- skinned, I dont want to be rude, He corners me, He follows me, He, He, He, HE.... " DAG GIRL
Sister if You do Not want to help youslef, How can you bring yourslef here, continue PAST 6 pages of a Thread just to get back to theBeginning????????
Is That Love?????
Is That NOT just bringing us into YOUR loop because that is what Man do to you? AKA MAN-IP-U-LA-TION
I am not good nor interested in being manipulated please do not
If you are not going to represent yourself Strongly that is your chioce
We have SOooo Many options that have been presented to you by ALLLL Types of people With ALLLL different remedies
Love Yourself
And Do not think it comes form Hiding within a Man

MUCH Love To You
Much Much
PLease Get Well


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Jun 24, 2007
JaylaMaria111 said:
I've never been truly happy being single, I am defintely the type that is by far much happier when I feel loved and in a relationship.
You said yourself - you've never been in a loving relationship before - so what you posted above is rediculous. How can you have preference until you know what it is like to love yourself? working on sterotypes, eh? Looking outwards instead of in.. smh.

7 pages to go. we can do it! :dance:


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Mar 25, 2008
Zulile said:
You said yourself - you've never been in a loving relationship before - so what you posted above is rediculous. How can you have preference until you know what it is like to love yourself? working on sterotypes, eh? Looking outwards instead of in.. smh.

7 pages to go. we can do it! :dance:
I've had one relationship before. I was not in love and he wasn't in love with me. But I did like the feeling that at least somebody cared for me. I had someone to talk to, and someone to learn on for awhile. Now, I don't have anyone. That's what I meant.


Apr 22, 2003
Hi Sister Jayla!:wave:

I'm trying to understand whats really goin on here. Are you dating, or is this just somebody you're conversating with? If it is the latter, why would you care who he's looking at? From your description of whats going on, it seems he's just somebody who's just befriended you for the sake of having someone to talk with in school. On the other hand, if he's trying to date you, you already know this is not the type of man you're looking for, so why would you care who he's eyeballing? I understand that you may be feeling a little lonely, but you can have a healthy relationship with someone without getting romantically involved.

Also about those insecurities, those are things you'll have to work on within yourself. You must learn to recognize the beauty of your differences from within and out. Learn to look at yourself in the same way you see others who may be fairer, taller, smaller, or in whatever way they may be different. When you describe yourself, speak of yourself like that cake you've been craving all month for. For instance, try saying,

"I'm a deep chocolate brown, with creamy soft skin. I'm the type of women who knows what I want and I'm working on how to get there. On any given day, I have enough love to rock the crankiest of babies to sleep, and sooth the most wreckless of hearts. I am a women of my own design. No one is quite like me. I am different and my differences is what makes me beautiful."

Now it doesn't have to be quite like that, but look within and fine the qualities that you value the most, then let them shine through. Just remember, if you are looking for a compatiable mate, make sure you's complements each other. Don't let your lonliness force you to make hasty decisions. Continue to take your time, and that doesn't mean that everyone who is not compatiable with you, is wrong for being who they are. It just means they're not the right person for you. (*singing*) If it doesn't fit, don't force it. Just relax and let it go.

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