Black People : Mãe Preta (Black Mother): Brazil Exhibition recovers history of black women who breastfed the white children during slavery


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May 16, 2002
Bronzeville USA
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Mãe Preta (Black Mother): Exhibition recovers history of black women who breastfed the white children during slavery
Modos de Fala e Escuta | Ways of Speaking and Listening
27 min video w/subtitles
The history of the struggles, resistance and contributions of black women in Brazilian society is an untold chapter in the history of the country. Although often relegated to the kitchen in the imaginations of millions of Brazilians for centuries, their stories go much further than that.
Excluded from most history books are the black women who struggled against the brutality of slavery, independent vendors/businesswomen, politicians, writers, union activists, religious leaders, musicians, organizers and much more. The exhibition below is just one of the many ways that this untold and hidden history of black Brazilian women is being recovered and given its proper place in the annals of Brazilian History.
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