Black Poetry : love is the mere essence of my inner existence learn to shun its resistance

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
never surrender even if a car hits your fender

life is filled with challenges in kings with queens its heaven or hell

to the soaring eagle rising ever higher to the mother knitting a sweater

we give cadence to the rich and poor with a meak outpour

a humble abode for so much more cause even Prince

Prince with the revolution sought a solution

no on could play guitar as even close to him

today we see shattered dreams creaping through evil schemes falling apart at the seams

but yet we don't quit where even others don't give a **** still moving forward onward

as a good soldier in the ministry of love from that of a hand up above

God is for everyone my friend big, tall, fat & gay

wouldn't have it any other way

Each of us needs to write are story down on paper then its saved there to share

a careless whisper or a tear bought gesture all is there to share

don't give up my son even when your out having fun

make sweet melodic music in your heart as in the days of David and be brave

I know I might be going out on a limb but try to pretend my dearest friend

sek for wisdom with all thy getting search for understanding

you can have an impact to light that inner spark to where we need to go

bust up the beat to increase the tempo to show you the way you need to go

lust is never love or should I sweap that thought underneath the rug

love is the mere essence of my inner existence learn to shun its resistance

Love has gained never has lost humanities greatest of cost

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