Black Poetry : love is tender starting with perfume like a kindergarten room it teach stuff and reach ruff lessens


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May 11, 2006
love is tender starting with perfume like a kindergarten room it teach
stuff and reach ruff lessens in having sex and grabbing the kotex each
time an affair go down my flow bound to shake up folks because great
jokes exist, like P DIDDY I see a committee that's gonna help me make
a band and fake plans falters in the waters of success so I duck stress
and luck the best if it's used correct you could lose a check if not bless
the plot jest get bigger, now see a girl that be in the world with a fine
body perfect for a divine party could sip wine and Bacardi now my mind
twisted she's a BLACK SOUL SISTA and this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA
BEACH this is bizarre news wanna jump in the car and cruise got a ninja
knife under the backseat to stop carjackers, HE SAID: “”LOOK BOO it's
renown sometime to be surrounded by your own rhymes and you legit
with black sweaty thighs while steady vibes on the CD need a little bit
to fiddle wit, hope and desire lace in front of my oak fireplace we have
sex it's gonna be a smoky room with Fire and Desire like RICK JAMES
taking quick aims at your lips playing slick games taking trips and claim
to have a brave style and behave wild and crave to get a smile my aim
is to be there when pie is served and I'm not shy or reserve your beauty
multiply in words, prevail in this blame game but fail to maintain my duty
now this is BLACK HIP HOP on hot plates and not hate so I'll stop to your
crib for date and a plate of cake so what's it gonna be? Don't try ignore”
SHE SAID: “I'M WET DOE panties on edge can't let go of the ledge I'll
fall in love a kiss could change to all hug and the walls in the club will howl
like wolves, boys see my breasts and dress unbutton then noise all of sudden
come from the room moan and groan at home I'm not alone jest strutting
this lyrical groove is a physical move it's visual and smooth block paths
with hot math this junk don't add up could be bad luck then take baths
with dove soap in the club you hope to kiss my lips huh? You in the street
a lot so you keep on top of hood slang bang! Bang! Can't hang with freak
thugs caught in a dimension when stuff brought to my attention taught
at conventions wearing a min-skirt there be plenty flirt I've fought
to get free oh how wet I be oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH, over the past few months been getting trash and true junk


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May 11, 2006
in VIRGINIA BEACH, over the past few months been getting trash and true junk
could flash like STACY DASH but boys will be clueless still may do this”
HE SAID: LOOK BOO defeat and wreck nation this meet my expectation a kiss
is a different picture with magnificent scripture make girls jest reminisce
girl your fingernails are strong claws and like zone laws they prohibit city
development, comes to girl I'm kissing tons all the existing ones being witty
not missing the fun,girl you in miniskirt attire and plenty alert require eyes
open and I realize your pies are smoking, so boo my clever quotes disguise
like leather coats before your eyes and I want galore pies for this boo
“NAW PLAYER you wish on true kiss could do all of this but that's on you
in a miniskirt my breasts are phat when I'm dressed like that and a few
boys go nuts but I duck them, they dew rag be clean and like a magazine
it has articles and particles that make headlines on the HIP HOP scene
all night you wanna huff and puff because I have the right stuff you dream
about make you scream and shout so tonight my breasts fly and I have
a right to testify not gonna pull up my dress for a guy panties get grabbed
that way, jest gonna play it safe and face the music remember in a taxi cab
a boy almost got some oh my panties so hot that night cab stopped at
the red light couldn't get my head right he was tonguing me hard and phat
HE SAID “AW girl you got some black sweaty thighs it seem confetti flies
SHE SAID: THIS IS a situation not a celebration oh my panties was soaked and pies
was wet he was so hot and sprung then he jest got my tongue I was lost
for words he tossed verbs in my eardrums I try not hear none the soft
whispers got through didn't know what to do he wanted my panties off
I was jest moving my thing around like crazy all type of gravy accumulate
my perfume great can't close my thighs now but somehow with doom fate
I must he wants pie crust aw girl you got some sweet lips and unique hips
drastic and all round like a basketball” ”SHE SAID shut up and dribble try flip
my pancakes this is not IHOP oh he try drop my panties for real

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Would i trade the words to stand alone,
and be a poet whose words stand in stone
Would i trade words to keep me in verse and rythme
For all time
Would i trade the words to flip sonnet and lyre on the toss of a dime
Yes i would trade words for sure to make it certain my words endure
Yes id trade words that keep my words in place and bring a smile to your face


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May 11, 2006
ill with hype with the special art to build dykes with words, you can't fool us and like a school bus I'm bizarre and fast no car is to pass until the students are on, have collisions with stamina while dealing with television camera so Mario William vitale are you a show off? say something about the verse dude

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