Black Poetry : Lost at Sea!


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Sep 10, 2001
Kansas City, Missouri
Self Employed, Business Consultant
Tortuously abandoned by the winds of fate.
Wind swept salt breezes dissipate.
All concious thought of your survival.
Lost in a torment of ultimate Survival.
When will the calvary announce it's arrival.
Mind wonders hopelessly,for the calvary
is late.
Thirst cannot wait.
Hunger no longer satisfied by the shipwrecked
Hands over board taunt sea creatures capture
only release from a sea tortured life is rapture!
and sweet relief from a death/burial at sea.
One thought of survival is fight...
The sea has taken the fight out of me.
Long has the thought to flee been my illusion.
The reality...


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Aug 20, 2002
lover of words.

...very nice-ly done!! isn't it amazing how many
personal issues (so to speak) that we can equate
to that same sea that you speak of... & how if
we let it... we can drown or get lost in the depths.

mmm mmm mmm... thank you for provoking my
thought processes this evening!! :)

itsallLove, chile.



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Mar 26, 2001
This is an amazing piece of art! I'm enjoying your poetic versatility.

Thank you for sharing.


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