Nation of Gods and Earths : Looks for a mentor

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
:hello: @Andre65 ... Welcome ... :wave:

Thanks for joining us and sharing.

What area of expertise do you need mentoring in?



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
@Andre65 ... okay, thanks for responding. I will move this thread to the Nations of Gods and Earths Forum and Brother @Precise Allah may see it and respond. In the meantime you can check out the threads there too - Nations of Gods and Earths Forum. You are welcome to add on to any of the threads there.

If you have more questions please ask.

Much Love and Peace.



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Cheryl Fitts wrote on Destee's profile.
I am looking for participants in a study to share their experiences as former African American males served as ED/EBD/BD in the southeast. Participants ages 18-35 will be interviewed and given the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and impressions of their school years. If interested or for more information please contact me directly. Thanks, Cheryl
Cheryl Fitts wrote on Destee's profile.
Thank you for the welcome. I have a question. I am a doctorate student in need of participants for my study. Is it allowable to post a request for study participants. If so, this is the post that would be uploaded:
Let's us all remember in 2021 to protect our energy and to do the best we can to grow and evolve.
Queen Destee im back still showing lo e after what 20+ yrs? You know always stop through from time to time
Destee wrote on rhymebad's profile.
@rhymebad ... i love you ... :love: ... what was going wrong about polls and being blocked and stuff?